August 21, 2007

This is a guest post written by Avatar for iMessengr.

Pownce as everyone know right now, is the heralded new Kevin Rose Lead Start Up, following Digg and Revision3 with a small team of Four lead by Leah Culver.

The idea of the service follows closely on what was started by Evan Williams (Creator of Blogger) on Twitter, with what could be considered the evolution of what twitter does.passing from a Social Awareness System to a full Social Messaging System. in the same terms with microblogging, but that can count on full interaction post by post with replies and linking, where the messages can be notes, files or events (and more) and that you can broadcast and sent to a determined group of people or only to one to your friends in private to their own Pownce Channels. it is like the mix of what in the old days you could do with Mirc and Usenet (well, some still do actually) but as a stand alone web 2.0 service, like having your own personal channel broadcasting.

From being able to laid out a well formatted invitation, to a event, to post a note that can transform to anything depending on focus and intention to being able to pass on files (even if small, it should be 25MB minimum for free users) around in the click of a button to one, to some or to everyone.

And then, it comes to the execution, a great Design and Look, a good Interface, a well thought out system that truly build on the experience on what Twitter did. I could explain it even further, but i prefer to quote my first public note in Pownce:

"As with every new social experience in the web you can have, from visiting a blog, to a social network, to this new kind of services (twitter and pownce), that seem to be in the middle of both experiences, i have jumped around it, and i found it interesting that the experience of it is very much like surfing in Vimeo, i actually can even dare to say, i had the very same experience. this main difference is that it obliges you to take each stop in a more personal way, if the experience of using pownce where a movie, there would be only close up and middle shots, compared to twitter full shots and panoramic views. this is just my first take on all of it."

And that is what in the end it comes about: The Base Concept and The Base Execution, the rest can be worked, tweaked and solved on the go. and that is what i can expect on Pownce to do.

There are many reasons to post about Pownce here in Imessengr since it was sold early on as a IM start up, something that right now it is not quite right, but that could be attached to it because of the concept and because it does works in a similar fashion to a IM client, it could get to be a perfect IM/Chat solution if the following was added to it later on:

1.-Live posting/updating (the client shows the new messages and your new notes and messages and they are written/posted)

2.-A actual working Desktop Client (unfortunately, right now the so called AIR pownce app is nothing more than a glorified widget/gadget)

3.-Threaded and advanced reading and replies from the homepage (no transitions Replies, and options to reply)

If those things get sorted out by the official launch, then i don´t see why Pownce could not be named a IM client by it´s own right, otherwise the comparative fails short of truth.

There is really a immense amount of things that i could talk about what is wrong right now about Pownce, but it would not be that fair considering that what they are doing is something that has not been really done before for that to be 100% valid Reclaims, more now that is not even launched, but what i can tell you about it, is that even if it fails a lot, and is full of limitations, the core idea, the concept of it is good enough to make me recommend people to use and to give it a try

Right now you can only access to it via invitation, and there is more reasons to it that a "elitist desire" for the part of the creators, the truth is that right now they must very carefully control the scale of the userbase, since i must say that pownce system is very fragile and can break, and does break easily all the time, as i have reported in my own Pownce Channel. I think such fragility is caused not only by how and with what pownce was built with but, that the entire service is being developed by Leah Culver. and not everyone can be Kristopher Tate (zooomr)

In Conclusion, even if Pownce still don´t has a Mobile Factor, The Viral Spread and Post-Evolutive Kick of having a full API, Brand widgets or even a way to import feeds like Twitter does, it got the set up, and that set up is full of promise, full of potential, now it is just about they taking the service where it needs to go and succeed or fail and then get crushed by the competition (twitter, tumblr, jaiku and even yappd). i hope for the former.But given that Pownce is already profitable thanks to a pro account option, public channel ad sense and it´s own internal advertising rotation within user channels, i know it will be around.


P.S: I got 30 Invites To Pownce for iMessengr Readers that i can give away if someone still don´t has pownce, just leave comment here with your E-mail, and if you have, add me up. you can also found me at MyblogLog or at

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