August 02, 2007

SpinVox Signs with Skype

August 02, 2007

UK-based voice-to-text service Spinvox has teamed up with Skype to offer its features for the VoIP provider. This new feature is set to be made available around the end of the year. The service will be avaliable in Enlish, Spanish, French and German at launch.

The Spinvox service will allow Skype users to have all their voice messages converted and sent directly to their mobiles as an SMS when they are not at their computers. The caller's Skype IP, when avaliable will be shown and what they said converted into text. Skype users will have immediate access to all their messages on-the-move, giving callers the confidence that their messages can be seen quickly, whether the Skype user online or not.

Spinvox reaches any cellphone, so Skype users will not need to download new software onto their phone to benefit from the voice-to-text messaging.

For more info download this PDF released by Spinvox.

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