August 09, 2007

Trillian Astra for Web
Cerulean Studios have released new alpha versions of Trillian Astra for Windows, Trillian Astra for Web and Trillian Astra for iPhone during last week.

These new interfaces are very early alpha builds and you should be ready for various bugs and usability problems.

If you’re an iPhone user and want to test our iPhone interface, you may do so by pointing your Safari browser to

Trillian Astra for iPhone Features:

* JavaScript and CSS fine-tuned to work well within the Safari browser environment.
* Pure HTTPS; JavaScript cross-domain/cross-protocol requirements made this a necessity, as we didn’t want to bandy your passwords around in plaintext.
* Designed to match the UI of the iPhone.
* Basic IM functionality: Message sending/receiving, status changing, contact list, conversations panel, user is typing.
* Emoticon window.
* Automatic reconnecting on connection loss.
* Supports backend server stored accounts, to connect you automatically to your other networks.
* Limitation: Currently only working with ASTRA, Yahoo! and AIM. We’ll be adding the rest of the standard Astra interop set in the coming weeks.
* Limitation: Speed hasn’t been heavily audited quite yet; expect more sluggishness than normal when using EDGE. We will be optimizing this alongside the rest of Trillian as we move forward.

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