August 19, 2007

VeriChat for PalmOSVeriChat is an always-on, unified Instant Messaging application for PalmOS devices.

On a smartphone, VeriChat works with your persistent or CSD wireless data connection to give you an always-on presence on the Yahoo, ICQ, MSN and AOL chat networks. Your buddies always see you as online and can send you messages, even when your device is in standby mode, and you can receive and reply to these messages.

On a non-phone PDA you can use VeriChat whenever you have a network connection, or you can use it in always-on mode in conjunction with your mobile phone.

VeriChat is designed to work in the background; you do not have to be in VeriChat while chatting. You can be logged onto Yahoo, ICQ, MSN and AIM and can be chatting with your buddies on these networks simultaneously, while surfing the web, editing a word document or using any other application. You can send and receive files over IM.

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