September 06, 2007

ConCon Retriever is a simple tool that gives you easy access to your MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger content, which includes: Custom emoticon (smiley), Display Picture (avatar/ user tile), Background, Wink, Deluxe Display Picture (mood/meego/muggin), Dynamic Background. ConCon Retriever helps you to backup Windows Live Messenger custom emoticons easily.

ConCon Retriever Features:

* Backup MSN Messenger/ Windows Live Messenger content (emoticons, backgrounds, display pictures, winks, dynamic backgrounds, and dynamic display pictures) into an MCO file, which can be edited/ installed by many programs, including ConCon MCO Editor.
* Save to image/flash files. Save custom emoticon to image (GIF/PNG) file, save background to image (JPG/JPEG) file, save wink to shockwave flash (SWF) file, and so on.
* Search/Find emoticon based on its name or key sequence. You can also rename an emoticon or change its shortcut key sequence in ConCon Retriever. - for Windows Live Messenger 8.1 only. (Thanks to Ross)
* Protect emoticons to prevent your contacts from adding your emoticons to their list. (Or unprotect to let them add your emoticons) - for Windows Live Messenger 8.1 only. (Thanks to Ross)
* Steal DP/ emoticons. Grab your contacts' display pictures or protected custom emoticons from the cached files. You can also grab the SWF/flash files of winks sent by your contacts, but cannot install them to your MSN/ Windows Live Messenger.
* Install MCO files. To view/ edit/ create MCO files, use ConCon MCO Editor.
* Easy to use but transparent. A proof that a user-friendly tool doesn't have to conceal what it does from its users.
* No installation required. Nothing added to registry or anywhere other than the ConCon Retriever folder itself. Simply delete the folder to uninstall.
* Free! No adware. No spyware.

ConCon Retriever Screenshot:

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