September 02, 2007

PMsn Paraiso is a program for to easily enhance your instant messaging client. With this program you can browse and autoinstall avavatas, animated pictures, new fonts, emoticons and backgrounds. With one or two clicks you can install all sorts of neat customizations. It works with the popular messaging clients: MSN 6, 7, 7.5, 8, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ.

PMsn Paraiso Features:

# Auto-install Packs (Displays, Emoticons, Backgrounds)
# Change your display picture automatically
# MSN Agent Detector (To know who delete you from their contact list)
# Block Checker (Find out who's blocking you)
# Emoticon creator
# Text display picture creator
# Add backgrounds to your contact list
# Add skins
# Muggins and Winks
# Games and aplications launcher
# Delete all emoticons, display picture and backgrounds
# All the latest news about Messenger
# View your personal Messenger folder

PMsn Paraiso Screenshots:

PMSN Paraiso PMSN Paraiso

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