October 31, 2007

Various Miranda IM Plugins

October 31, 2007

Miranda IM is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows. Petio Tonev created some cool plugins for Miranda IM :

Visibility Level : Powerful plugin for Miranda IM (ICQ Clone) that allows you to define and apply visibility level for each user from contact list.

Speaker Notification : A small and easy-to-use yet powerful plugin for Miranda IM (ICQ Clone) that notifies you when receive a message

Template Message : Powerful plugin for Miranda IM (ICQ Clone) that allows you to use prepared template messages for each user from contact list.

Phantom User : Powerful plugin for Miranda IM that àllow to add, edit and delete on phantom users in contact list

Birthday List : A plugin for Miranda IM (ICQ Clone) that notifies you few days earlier when someone from your contact list has a birthday

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Meebo Platform
Meebo, the popular web-based multi-protocol instant messsenger, is opening up its doors to developers. Meebo Platform allows third party developers to create applications for Meebo.

Like Facebook API Meebo Platform allows developers access certain user features and information. Developers can monetize their applications, but it’s not open. Meebo will sell ads into the applications directly and split revenue 50/50 with the application developers.

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October 30, 2007

3 SkypephoneAs we have mentioned before, Skype lauched its mobile phone. Britain’s mobile carrier 3 will start selling Skypephone on November 2 in the UK, and later this year in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Macau and Sweden.

With this new mobile phone, you will be able to call other Skype users for free. According to Techcrunch, 3 Skypephone will cost about $100 with a pay-as-you-go plan (for the non-Skype calls), or free with a monthly contract.

3 Skypephone Features:

# No computer needed
# Skype at the touch of a button
# 3G support
# 2-megapixel camera
# Mp3 player
# Mobile TV and internet
# Comes in black or white, with blue or pink trim.

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Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta
Yahoo released version 9.0 of its popular instant messaging software.

On Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta you can now add embed objects like movies, images, and maps into chat conversations. You can also synchronize the playback of online videos and share Flickr photos in a slideshow, although only with one friend at a time.

Read the full changelog on Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta

Watch a video preview of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta

Download Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta

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PidginPidgin Team has released a new version of their famous multiprotocol instant messaging client.

Pidgin allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once and works with the following networks:

* Bonjour
* Gadu-Gadu
* Google Talk
* Groupwise
* QQ
* Sametime
* Yahoo!
* Zephyr


* General changes
o Various bug and memory leak fixes
* Windows-specific changes
o Updated gtkspell to include a patch to share Aspell dictionaries among all the input fields to avoid excessive memory usage.
o Updated libxml2 to 2.6.30
o Bonjour protocol now appears even if Bonjour for Windows isn't present (displays message indicating Bonjour for Windows must be installed if you try to log in and it isn't installed).
o libpurple now looks for a default prefs.xml in the CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA directory (e.g. \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\purple\prefs.xml) similarly to how this is done on other platforms.

Download Pidgin 2.2.2

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Fomine LAN Chat is tiny and easy-to-use instant messaging software.

Fomine LAN Chat creates only one chat room, that is why it has very clear interface. The LAN Chat's interface is one window with list of chat participants, chat messages and outgoing message. And you can also set to your status online, away or disconnected in this window.

Fomine LAN Chat Screenshot:

Fomine LAN Chat

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October 29, 2007

Whisher lets you to share your WiFi and roam the world freely, chat, talk and share files at high speed.

Wisher Features:

· WiFi sharing - You decide how and when you share your wireless connection to the Internet.
· Local content exchange - Exchange content amongst
users connected to the same WiFi network.
· Wireless Chat.
· Integration with MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk)
· Twitter Updates Integration

Wisher Screenshot:

Whisher Whisher

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October 28, 2007

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October 27, 2007

iCheckeriChecker informs you about one of your Yahoo! Messenger buddys status.

This is pretty simple tool but very useful. iChecker application was designed to inform you if one of your Yahoo! Messenger buddies is online, even if he / she may appear offline.

Download iChecker from Softpedia

October 26, 2007

Loudtalks is a little application, which lets you to talk to your friends or colleagues instantly with a single touch of a button.

Think walkie talkie. It's faster than text chat and more convinient than calls.

Loudtalks is based on p2p-architecture, which allows scaling easily, and proprietary protocols optimized for real-time communication over low-bandwidth and high-latency connections such as GPRS or EDGE.

Loudtalks Screenshot:

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October 25, 2007

miOOt Live Chat is a visitor tracking and live chat tool.

miOOt Live Chat will capture the visitor’s info on a real time basis and will provide the opportunity to initiate a communication channel with the visitor to your web site.

In other words miOOt is your virtual representative and keep watching the visitors and enables one-on-one chat assistance in real-time.

miOOt Live Chat Features:

· Real time visitor tracking
· Proactive chat
· Secured live chat
· Visitor information history
· Auto save transcripts
· Email transcripts
· Chat forwarding
· Visitor conference
· Online Surveys
· Visitor Statistics
· Chat window customization
· Holding messages
· Offline messages
· Visitor filtering
· Unlimited sites monitoring
· Unlimited departments
· Operator photo
· Canned messages
· Push URL
· Internal chat
· Operator conference
· Time Zone settings
· Buzzer indication
· Operator Reports
· Email Signature

miOOt Live Chat Screenshot:

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October 24, 2007

Add Smileys and Emoticons to Gmail "Those yellow smiley faces (aka emoticons) are quite popular among young Internet users because they help convey emotion without writing a single word of text.

Yahoo! Mail, AOL and Windows Live Hotmail web clients have excellent support for emoticons but for some unknown reason, Google has not included smileys in Gmail yet.

If you cannot imagine life without Gmail but would still love to see smileys in Gmail, here’s a simple trick for you:"
Continue reading : Adding Smiley Faces (Emoticons) to Email Messages in Gmail

Posted by Amit @ Digital Inspiration

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October 23, 2007

"Today, Vapps will be relaunching their free conferencing service (HighSpeed Conferencing) as a flat-rate monthly service with unlimited usage. When I asked Ben Lilienthal CEO, Vapps "why the change?", Ben explained that they have gone from using a narrowband codec to a a wideband codec, offering premium sound quality conferencing that scales up to 500 PSTN and/or Skype users. He boasted having the only wideband conferencing service in the world that can scale to 500 participants and also pointed out that Skype by itself can only do 3-way conferencing..."
Continue reading : Vapps offers Wideband Conferencing using Skype or PSTN

Posted by Tom Keating @ VoIP & Gadgets Blog

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Miranda IM 0.7.1Miranda team released a new version of their open-source multi-protocol chat client. Miranda IM 0.7.1 contains fixes for several security vulnerabilities along with other numerous bug fixes. Due to the nature of these changes, it is recommended that all users upgrade as soon as possible.

What's new on Miranda IM 0.7.1 :

- Improved icon skinning engine performance
- ICQ: Enable ICQ 6 photo handling
- Jabber: Improved avatar processing
- MSN: Added per message nickname display
- MSN: Improved status message processing

- Image services plugin wasn't loaded correctly sometimes
- Standard message dialog didn't draw user id button correctly
- Network log issue creating log file name correctly
- ICQ: Handle non-standard offline messages
- ICQ: Buffer overflow vulnerability
- IRC: Warning message was cut off
- IRC: Buffer overflow vulnerability in IRC options
- IRC: Russian nicks parsed incorrectly
- IRC: Fixed clickable timestamps in group chats
- Jabber: urn:xmpp:time returns month number off by 1
- Jabber: Jabber displayed self in contact list
- Jabber: Wrong timestamp for offline messages
- Jabber: Crash in Jabber multi-user conference
- Jabber: Buffer overflow vulnerability in Jabber forms
- Jabber: Can't change icons to gadu gadu transport contacts
- MSN: Changed gateway polling frequency
- MSN: Fixed MSN alert url creation
- MSN: Remove Yahoo alert
- Yahoo: Buffer overflow vulnerability

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October 22, 2007

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC allows you chat with your MSN buddied inside MIRC. It works with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98 etc.

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC Features :

- Check who has blocked you
- Allows you to change your MSN Name to anything, even if it's banned.
- Lets you know when people open or close a chat window to you.
- Logs when users go on/offline.
- View Contact Groups
- Talk to people you have blocked, despite appearing as offline in their list.
- Conversation Logging
- Add/Delete and Block/Unblock Users
- MSN File Sending and Receiving
- /msnname and /msn.status commands
- Invite users and be invited to conversations
- Synchronize away with mIRC
- Automatically connect with mIRC

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC Screenshot :

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC

via Messenger.es

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October 21, 2007

Instantbird is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client from Mozilla team. It allows you connect to all your different IM accounts.

Instantbird uses the Mozilla rendering engine to display IMs, and the Pidgin libpurple to connect to the different networks.

Instantbird is a free and open source software. So you are free to use, distribute and modify it.

Supported Networks :

* Gadu-Gadu
* Google Talk
* QQ
* Yahoo!

via Messenger.es

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October 20, 2007

" There appears to be a serious bug in AOL’s instant messaging program (AIM). It concerns how AIM interacts with Internet Explorer to display html messages. A hacker could seize control of your computer through this flaw, or send you to a malicious web site.

AOL learned of this problem in early September. The Oct. 3 patch, or 6.5 update, was supposed to fix it.

However, some researchers say the underlying problem has not been fixed at all, and the instant messaging client is still vulnerable to this problem. No comment yet from AOL."
Continue reading : Careful With AOL’s IM!

Posted by Syd Tash @ Your Daily Computer Security Tips

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October 19, 2007

If you are a freelancer you have enough time to do in the day to do everything you’d like. Yoav Ezer from Codswallop listed 131 productivity boosters for Email, Instant Messaging, Word, Excel, and more:

Freelancers often have to wear many hats: accountant, boss, quality control, marketing department, and beyond, which can leave you feeling like there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything you’d like. Fortunately, there are a number of tools designed to help you speed up the process of working. Check out these productivity boosters for documents, communications, and more.
Continue reading : Freelancer’s Hyper-Drive: 131 Productivity Boosters for Email, Instant Messaging, Word, Excel, and More

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October 18, 2007

Skype Mobile PhoneAccording to BusinessWeek Skype will launch its own mobile handset this month :

"Code-named the "white phone," the Skype handset will be introduced by late October in Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia, and will reach 3's other five markets later, BusinessWeek has learned. There are no immediate plans to bring the device to North America, though the companies may try to license it to other carriers or sell versions straight to consumers for them to use on other networks..."
Continue reading : Skype Goes Mobile

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Meebo Firefox Add-on
This extension is for Meebo and Firefox fans.

Until now you had to go to Meebo.com or go to a partner Website that embeds the Meebo widget. Meebo Firefox Add-on allows IM your friends from the Firefox Sidebar with a multic-protocol chat client. With this new add-on you can get visual notifications when your friends IM you. It lets you drag and drop links and images from web pages right onto your friends.

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Quickbot (Qbot)Quickbot is new robot for MSN and Windows Live Messenger that can translate nearly all european languages, get weather on choosen city, calculate any mathematical expressions and so on.

Quickbot Usage:

• Add bot@techie.com to your contact list.

• Send him any command. Like "!en-ge hello" (without quotes).

• Watch robot's reply.

Quickbot Commands:

• !en-ge = english to german (Example: !en-ge This is a test)
• !ge-en = german to english
• !en-ru = english to russian
• !ru-en = russian to english
• !en-pr = english to portuguese
• !pr-en = portuguese to english
• !en-sp = english to spanish
• !sp-en = spanish to english
• !fr-en = french to english
• !en-fr = english to french
• !en-le = english to leet-english
• !google = returns google search results (Example: !google Robot)
• !google = returns last 10 news from CNN
• !calc = calculates any math expression (Example: !calc (5^3-2.7)*2 cos(5)^2 - (ln(e))^10)
• !weather = returns temperature, local time and weather. (Example: !weather Amsterdam)
• !help = returns help message.

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October 17, 2007

New Yahoo Messenger ModuleYahoo team integrated a new Messenger module on My Yahoo Beta.

My Yahoo! is a Yahoo service that allows you customize a page with modules of your favorite content from Yahoo! and around the web, including weather, news, movies, music, and more.

The new Yahoo! Messenger module embeds a lightweight Messenger window right into your My Yahoo! Beta page.

To add the Yahoo! Messenger module to your My Yahoo! Beta page, click the “Personalize this Page” button at the top. Click the “Add Modules” link under Content, and then do a search for Messenger. From the search results, click the “+ Add” button next to Yahoo! Messenger. Then be sure to click the “Sign in” link in the Messenger module to make yourself available (or invisible).

Read more on official Yahoo Messenger blog

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"One of the great things about web 2.0 is making free phone calls to friends all over the world. Just turn on one of the programs that offer this service, make sure your friend is online too, and make the call. And it’s also possible to call for a lot less the amount that you used to, to a regular phone or mobile phone.

According to my own preferences I really like to use Skype. It’s easy, free, and almost all my friends use it too. But after some articles I read about Skype having a backdoor and not being all that safe, I decided to look for an alternative to call and talk with my friends for free. To my surprise there are loads of other programs out there that offer the same service..."
COntinue reading : Skype alternatives

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October 16, 2007

Mobile IM Event in London

October 16, 2007

Mobile IM Presence is an operator case study packed two day event, with all the learning, networking and interaction associated with Informa Telecoms & Media events. This event will be between 27th and 28th November 2007 in London.

Topics to be explored include:

• The interoperability issue: Why is this issue still dominating the industry?
• Conforming with convergence to offer fully interconnected instant messaging
• Building a mass-market consumer base: How can the industry drive SMS-style ubiquity?
• The intricate relationship between the success of IM, presence and communities
• The potential impact of standardisation on mobile IM mobile messaging domination
• What makes mobile IM unique?
• Controlling expectations and the user experience

The following operators are looking forward to speaking at Mobile IM & Presence:

Orange France
Elisa Finland
Bouygues Telecom
O2 Branded Devices
Vodafone Portugal

With five interactive discussions, nine networking sessions and an audience discussion this programme has been designed to offer you the opportunity to network, learn and share your opinion – all you have to do is register.

For further information or to register, contact telebookings@informa.com or call on +44 (0) 20 7017 5506 or visit the website at www.informatm.com/mobileinstantmessaging

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If you don't know how to save and archive your chat history in Yahoo Messenger, read this guide with screenshots on Lyte Byte :

"Many like to save the chat scripts in messenger and this helps to go back on previous chats and re-read them, maybe to get some vital info in the chat that you forgot to save or just for fun. Most of the chats sound ridiculously funny when you read after a long time. There was a comment on the post “Yahoo Messenger Inside Yahoo Mail” asking how to save the chat scripts? So here we go…"
Continue reading : How to Save and Archive Chat Scripts in Yahoo Messenger?

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"Criminals are increasingly using the internet telephone service Skype to prevent their conversations being monitored, Swiss law enforcement officials have warned.

Investigators are currently pursuing dozens of drug-related cases where Skype has been used for communications purposes. But the firm is keeping quiet over the issue..."
Continue reading : Skype gives Swiss investigators a headache

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October 15, 2007

Cerulean Studios last week announced that it will be releasing a Mac OS X version of Trillian, one of web's most popular multi-protocol chat client which lets you connect AOL, ICQ, MSN and Yahooo networks.

Trillian Astra for Mac OS X is currently in alpha stages and it's not just a part of the existing Trillian software, but instead its UI was written from scratch. Existing Trillian Astra users can request the first build, but Cerulean Studios is also looking for more Mac OS X testers via this sign-up form.

Trillian Astra for Mac OS X Screenshot:

via Mess.be

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U3 Smart Drive allows you carry your software with you. You can plug it into any PC and work, play a game, message friends, send email, edit photos and more.

A U3 smart drive makes any PC your own PC. And when you unplug it, it leaves no personal data behind.

Portable Skype for U3 Smart Drives lets you carry your favorite client to anywhere you want.

System Requirements
- U3 smart drive
- Microsoft Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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"The Skype video chat feature is already really great because you get excellent picture quality but as with most other software, it’s possible to make it just a little bit better with a bit of tweaking here and there. With the recent release of Skype Beta 3.6, I thought I would share this tweak which I recently found online. I’m sure Skype will get round to officially including this in future releases but for those of you too impatient to wait for that, here’s a DIY method to turn your webcam window into a big 640 x 480 screen with better picture and sound quality..."
Continue reading : How to get better picture quality in Skype video calls

Posted by Mark O'Neill @ Makeusof

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October 14, 2007

Google Talk Facebook Application

Google Talk application allows you chat with your Gtalk buddies inside Facebook. Add Google Talk Application to Facebook

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October 13, 2007

Zipit Wireless MessengerZipit Wireless Messenger is a portable IM device with a built-in audio player and photo viewer. All you need is an existing IM account, access to a wireless network – either at home or public hotspot – and you can IM with all your friends on AOL/AIM, Yahoo and MSN.

Zipit Wireless Messenger Features:

* 2.9 inch screen (320x240)
* Full backlit qwerty keyboard
* Mini-SD slot
* Photo viewer via Mini-SD (including slideshow support)
* MP3 player (via Mini-SD or streaming)
* Customizable interface (skin support)
* Supports AOL/AIM, Yahoo and MSN messaging clients
* Headphone support
* Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
* 802.11 b&g WiFi

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October 12, 2007

There is a setting on Gmail and Google Talk which prevents Google from adding complete strangers to your friends list without permission. But if you didn't discover it and you friends list is too long, here is the solution from India Inc :

"If you exchange a couple of email messages with another GMail user, Google Talk assumes that the person at the other end is a known contact and will automatically add him (or her) to your friends list.
If you are also troubled by this “friend overload” problem, try the bankruptcy route - that means remove all existing friends from Google Talk in one go and make a fresh start..."
Continue reading : Google Talk Friends List Getting Out of Hand? Try Bankruptcy

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October 11, 2007

Splashtop is a new operating system which allows you read e-mails, chat with friends, or surf the Web seconds after pushing the power button. Plus you'll have it with preinstalled Skype and Firefox :

"It’s not every day a revolutionary new operating system comes along, and even rarer that it has Skype built into it. But that’s what’s freshly launched onto the market this week.

Splashtop is a new operating system which boots as fast as you can click the power on button on your PC or laptop. No more waiting while the PC boots into Microsoft or Linux. No more frustration that your desktop has loaded but Windows is still booting in the background. With Splashtop as soon as you hit the power button your PC is up and running with a browser and ready to make calls with Sype!.."
Continue reading : Skype built into Microsoft beating OS

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Get ready for Firefox Mobile. Guys at Mozilla are working on a mobile version of Firefox :

"People ask us all the time about what Mozilla's going to do about the mobile web, and I'm very excited to announce that we plan to rock it. Here's some information about what we're planning to do with hiring, technology, partnerships, and products, and how you can get involved. Short summary: we are serious about bringing the Firefox experience and technology to mobile devices.

Why increase Mozilla's presence in mobile?"
Continue reading : Mozilla and Mobile

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October 10, 2007


i-Buddyi-Buddy is specially designed for Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) users. It is a physical representation of your buddy. You can program it to recognize a particular buddy account, and it will response to all messages and status events sent from your buddy.

It is a 3-inches tall figurine connected to the computer using a USB cable. Specially designed in tiny size, so that it does not consume much space while you are at work. You can put it on top of your monitor too.

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Should IM client use the server based time or client side time ? Read TipsoSaurus's post and decide yourself :

"While playing around with the date and time and while using the Chat function of Skype, I noticed something unusual. The unusual thing was that the chat messages were coming above the already written text. This happened because by mistake, I’d selected 11th October as the date but when I realized that it’s not 11th but 10th October so I changed the date but then Skype started acting funny..."
Continue reading : Date confuses Skype, Yahoo & GTalk!

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October 09, 2007

Yahoo Messenger Skins
Yahoo Messenger Skins
Yahoo Messenger Skins
Yahoo Messenger Skins

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If you don't know how to configure Kopete, the multi-protocol instant messaging client, read Jitendra Harlalka's tutorial on Techwithfun:

"If you heard Pidgin has a support for Google Talk and are disappointed for not having it in your Kopete, don't worry you have a way out. You can configure your kopete to work for Google Talk just like you do for Yahoo, MSN, AIM or others. Here is a how to to make things happen for you:"
Continue reading : Configuring Kopete for Google Talk

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October 08, 2007

Skypi is a widget to show a Skype-Button for direct dialing in your sidebar. It's easy to configurate and you can change the image by replacing the default skype.jpg in the image-directory of the Skypi widget plugin.

How to install Skypi Wigdet on your Wordpress blog :

* Unzip the downloaded package and drop the folder in your Wordpress plugins folder
* Log into your WordPress admin panel
* Go to Plugins and “Activate” the plugin
* Go to Presentation, Sidebar Widgets
* Drag the Skypi widget to the widget-bar
* Click the Widget-Options button (small blue-topped square)
* Enter a headline and your Skype-ID
* Return to the Widget panel and click “Save changes »”
* Check your blog to see if it’s working!

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Create Windows Live Messenger Buttons
Windows Live Messenger Button Builder allows you create a button that fits your personal style or even just your mood. You can add the button to your Windows Live Hotmail, Outlook and other email signatures, Windows Live Space, or your blog, and your friends and family can simply click your button to add you to their contact list.

via Messenger.es

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October 07, 2007

IMAware is allows you quickly scan your computer for instant messaging clients.

IMAware is for parents and business that want to know what instant messengers are installed on their computers. To provide faster results IMAware can take advantage of Windows Desktop Search if it is available.

IMAware can detect the following instant messengers:

* AOL Instant Messenger
* Gaim
* Google Talk
* Miranda IM
* MSN / Windows Live Messenger
* mIRC
* MySpace IM
* Paltalk
* Pidgin
* Skype
* Trillian
* Vypress Chat
* Windows Messenger
* Yahoo! Messenge

IMaware Screenshots:

IMAware IMAware

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October 06, 2007

TringMeTringMe is a web based telephony service. It allows your website visitors, friends and customers to call or leave a voicemail to you - directly from the web. You can instantly receive call or voicemail on your existing cell phone, landline, Google Talk or via e-mail.

Once you have posted the widget to a website of your choice, visitors to that website can call or leave a voicemail to you (currently voicemail only).

You can control the device to which the call or voicemails are routed by making the appropriate selection in the "Send my voicemails and calls to" section of your profile.

For example, if you are using TringMe voicemail widget and you have routed the voicemails to a phone (landline or cell), you will receive a call from TringMe as soon as someone leaves a voicemail for you. If you have configured the profile setting to send the voicemails to Gtalk, then a call from TringMe will be made to your Gtalk IM. In both cases, when the connection is established, the voicemail is played back to you.

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October 05, 2007

Aidan Henry from ReadWriteWeb listed 10 Chat Widgets that you might want to consider adding to your website if you’re looking to add live chat as a feature for your visitors:

"Embedded chat in a website provides the ability to more closely connect with your readers or customers, depending on the instance. Chat widgets provide real-time feedback and spur thought-provoking discussions - features lacking in e-mail. However the disadvantages should be acknowledged too. In some cases, widgets may slow down the page load or take away from the overall site experience rather than enhance it. However I encourage everyone to give some of the following chat widgets a try and make your own conclusions. Let's take a look at some of the top ones..."
Continue reading : 10 Chat Widgets to Consider

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YUBZ TALK ONLINE is a classic retro VoIP phone with USB support. It works with all computers.

Just plug it into any USB port of any computer.YUBZ TALKING ONLINE comes with a "Push-Volume" button for adjusting hearing volume and an on/off blinking signal light. It's compatible with PC and MAC.

YUBZ TALK ONLINE works with any messenger client with VoIP support.

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October 04, 2007

Update :

An official announcement has been posted on Yahoo Messenger about this issue :

"Some of you have left comments about this issue in the last couple of days… There was a change made to the length of status messages that reduced the maximum characters to 40. It was an inadvertent change and we’re working now on rolling it back to what it was (250 character max). Thanks for your patience!"

Seems like redwinedrummer from Reverse-Engineering the Cross-Com beated Yahoo!Messenger Status Message Character Limit which set by Yahoo Messenger team on On October 3, 2007:

"On October 3, 2007, the folks at Yahoo! imposed a 40-character limit on status messages. So I decided to play around with Yahoo! Messenger, and found a solution to lift this limit. As of this writing, there have been no steps taken to counter this fix.

I had a feeling that this was a silent update/patch by Yahoo! And client-side, too. Client-side, because 1) status changes are almost instant. 2) Trillian and Linux clients can have longer status messages. 3) There is no delay in checking the character length between the client and server.

Suspecting that the limit is client-side, it makes sense to give a try at reverse-engineering the problem. Since it’s also been my experience with Yahoo! Messenger that a lot of the configurations are kept in XML files..."
Continue reading : Beating the Yahoo! Messenger Character Limit

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