October 16, 2007

Mobile IM Event in London

October 16, 2007

Mobile IM Presence is an operator case study packed two day event, with all the learning, networking and interaction associated with Informa Telecoms & Media events. This event will be between 27th and 28th November 2007 in London.

Topics to be explored include:

• The interoperability issue: Why is this issue still dominating the industry?
• Conforming with convergence to offer fully interconnected instant messaging
• Building a mass-market consumer base: How can the industry drive SMS-style ubiquity?
• The intricate relationship between the success of IM, presence and communities
• The potential impact of standardisation on mobile IM mobile messaging domination
• What makes mobile IM unique?
• Controlling expectations and the user experience

The following operators are looking forward to speaking at Mobile IM & Presence:

Orange France
Elisa Finland
Bouygues Telecom
O2 Branded Devices
Vodafone Portugal

With five interactive discussions, nine networking sessions and an audience discussion this programme has been designed to offer you the opportunity to network, learn and share your opinion – all you have to do is register.

For further information or to register, contact telebookings@informa.com or call on +44 (0) 20 7017 5506 or visit the website at www.informatm.com/mobileinstantmessaging

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