October 02, 2007

PartyChat allows you join chat rooms on Google Talk.

Instant message any of the following addresses to join a party chat:

* partychat@gmail.com
* partychat0@gmail.com
* partychat1@gmail.com
* partychat2@gmail.com
* partychat3@gmail.com
* partychat4@gmail.com
* partychat5@gmail.com
* partychat6@gmail.com
* partychat7@gmail.com
* partychat8@gmail.com
* partychat9@gmail.com

/make drivel will make a party chat named drivel.
/enter drivel will enter you into an existing chat named drivel.
/exit will exit you from whatever chat you are already in.
For more commands, options, and instructions, type /help

PartyChat works with Gmail chat as well. Conversations, even the ones you miss, are logged to your GMail account.

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