October 22, 2007

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC allows you chat with your MSN buddied inside MIRC. It works with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98 etc.

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC Features :

- Check who has blocked you
- Allows you to change your MSN Name to anything, even if it's banned.
- Lets you know when people open or close a chat window to you.
- Logs when users go on/offline.
- View Contact Groups
- Talk to people you have blocked, despite appearing as offline in their list.
- Conversation Logging
- Add/Delete and Block/Unblock Users
- MSN File Sending and Receiving
- /msnname and /msn.status commands
- Invite users and be invited to conversations
- Synchronize away with mIRC
- Automatically connect with mIRC

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC Screenshot :

MSN Messenger Add-on for MIRC

via Messenger.es

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