October 11, 2007

Splashtop is a new operating system which allows you read e-mails, chat with friends, or surf the Web seconds after pushing the power button. Plus you'll have it with preinstalled Skype and Firefox :

"It’s not every day a revolutionary new operating system comes along, and even rarer that it has Skype built into it. But that’s what’s freshly launched onto the market this week.

Splashtop is a new operating system which boots as fast as you can click the power on button on your PC or laptop. No more waiting while the PC boots into Microsoft or Linux. No more frustration that your desktop has loaded but Windows is still booting in the background. With Splashtop as soon as you hit the power button your PC is up and running with a browser and ready to make calls with Sype!.."
Continue reading : Skype built into Microsoft beating OS

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