October 06, 2007

TringMeTringMe is a web based telephony service. It allows your website visitors, friends and customers to call or leave a voicemail to you - directly from the web. You can instantly receive call or voicemail on your existing cell phone, landline, Google Talk or via e-mail.

Once you have posted the widget to a website of your choice, visitors to that website can call or leave a voicemail to you (currently voicemail only).

You can control the device to which the call or voicemails are routed by making the appropriate selection in the "Send my voicemails and calls to" section of your profile.

For example, if you are using TringMe voicemail widget and you have routed the voicemails to a phone (landline or cell), you will receive a call from TringMe as soon as someone leaves a voicemail for you. If you have configured the profile setting to send the voicemails to Gtalk, then a call from TringMe will be made to your Gtalk IM. In both cases, when the connection is established, the voicemail is played back to you.

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