October 04, 2007

WINK Instant Mobile Messenger allows you chat with your friends and contacts anytime, anywhere from any network (like MSN, Yahoo! and Google Talk). You can even chat across your mobile phone and PC simultaneously and in real-time.

WINK! Instant Mobile Messenger Features:

* Login anytime anywhere
* MSN, Yahoo! and Google Talk on a single interface
* Mobile-Mobile and Mobile-PC real-time communication.
* One-Click log-in/log-out
* Services like Buddylist, Buddy availability, Self status, Add/Delete buddy, Send and receive IM
* Easy reconnection in case of data coverage/connection disruption
* Near PC experience on mobile
* Multiple Sessions in the same interface
* Familiar emoticons and icons
* Support for GPRS/3G/CDMA(Java) phones

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