October 13, 2007

Zipit Wireless MessengerZipit Wireless Messenger is a portable IM device with a built-in audio player and photo viewer. All you need is an existing IM account, access to a wireless network – either at home or public hotspot – and you can IM with all your friends on AOL/AIM, Yahoo and MSN.

Zipit Wireless Messenger Features:

* 2.9 inch screen (320x240)
* Full backlit qwerty keyboard
* Mini-SD slot
* Photo viewer via Mini-SD (including slideshow support)
* MP3 player (via Mini-SD or streaming)
* Customizable interface (skin support)
* Supports AOL/AIM, Yahoo and MSN messaging clients
* Headphone support
* Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
* 802.11 b&g WiFi

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