November 12, 2007

Answer Machine Plus is a Messenger Plus! Live script which allows you to setup messages to autoreply to, or execute / Plus! commands. Messages can be set to work only for you, your contact, or both.

There are also several types of options for matching. Fragments(Word or part of word), Word, Sentence, or RegEx. Other options include case sensitivity, multiple matches, or multiline matches. You can enable/disable items through checkmarks next to it. Optional ability to have sequential replies or random replies with the use of a | (pipe). Has status dependancy so you may pick which statuses you want to reply on.

How to use this script:
- Make sure you have Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live installed.
- Download the script, open it, accept the warning and press Import.
- Click on the Messenger Plus! logo in your contactlist.
- Click on Answering Machine Plus, and select Configure Answers.

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