November 27, 2007

Windows Live Messenger LiteUpdate (11.9.2009): This version will not work anymore because Microsoft's server-side support for Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (2008) has been retired. You'll need to upgrade to Portable Windows Live Messenger 9.

Windows Live Messenger Lite is light version of the Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger.

WLM Lite allows you run Windows Live Messenger without installing, modifying the system, or unpacking anything, even as a guest user, or a computer with restricted access, with all functions enabled such as winks, animated backgrounds, packs, handwriting, etc.

Some WLM Lite Features:

# Portable, no installation needed.
# All advertisements (including webcam ads), search bar removed.
# Reduced file size to 16.0 MB by removing unneccessary files, cleaning registry scripts
# All cache files, custom emoticons, temporary files, program settings, etc. are all # stored in the WLM Lite folder off the directory where WLMLite is located
# Works with Windows XP Version 2002 or later, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

Windows Live Messenger Lite is released by Msgshit. Learn more about WLM Lite 8.5

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