November 06, 2007

SkypeTrance is a software module for automatic translation of chat messages in Skype from English and French to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English and French.

SkypeTrance acts as a substitution to the normal Skype chat window. To use it:
- start Skype;
- start SkypeTrance;
- choose a language to receive the messages in, and a language into which to translate the outgoing messages.

After doing so, all incoming Skype chat messages will appear in SkypeTrance, translated in the language you selected.

If you wish to send a message to a given Skype user in a foreign language you should:
- choose the recipient from the "to" list;
- choose the language in which you want the message to be received, from the "in" list:
- enter the message;
- press the "send" button.

Download SkypeTrance

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