November 15, 2007

The Verball family is taking Skype chatting by storm. These ludicrous critters act as your microphone and speaker for making free Skype calls from your computer. They have in-built speakers and microphones and get this, their mouths move when the person you're calling speaks.

As well as rabbiting along with your caller, they waggle their comedy hands and will play your MP3s through their inbuilt speaker. Once you've made your Verball feel at home on your desktop , you can visit the Verball site and pick free ring tones to play through your new pal and even get them to speak your chosen text.

Verballs Features:

# Quirky, furry characters to liven up your Skype calls.
# Each Verball has an inbuilt speaker and handsfree microphone so you can communicate with your friends using Skype.
# The Verballs mouths move when they are relaying your friends' conversations, and they wiggle their comedy hands around too.
# The in-built speaker will play your MP3 tracks.
# By visiting you can download free ringtones for your Verball and even the software to get your character to vocalise your Instant Messages.
# Three quirky Verball characters to choose from; Slick the business tycoon, Mr V the DJ maestro and Baby the foxy model.
# Requires a USB port and internet connection.
# Compatible with Windows 2000 or XP.

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