December 24, 2007

Gplus MessengerGplus is a add-on for Google Talk. Gplus allows you add new emoticons and sound to Google Talk client.

Gplus Features:

Gplus allows you to enhance your chatting experience by allowing you to express various emotions through the familiar emoticons.

Gplus let's you chose from a bank of sounds that you can send just like you would send text or smileys.

Chat logs
Gplus allows you to log your chats locally and view them later.

Text Formatting
Gplus allows you to add color to your text messages by giving you the ability to use text formatting.

Text filters
Gplus allows you to define text filters. Filters can be used to censor certain words your contacts may use.

Upcoming versions of Gplus will be multilingual and will reflect the language used by Google Talk.

Gplus Screenshot:

Gplus Add-on Screenshot

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