December 05, 2007

New Hands-Free Skype Phone from IpevoIpevo's new TRIO USB Speakerphone is ideal for hands-free Skype conversations and small group conferencing. Its voice quality is optimized for Skype with full duplex technology and 16 bit DSP with echo cancellation.

TRIO USB Speakerphone Features:

# Personal hands-free
Mic and speaker all in one, TRIO can be placed in an upright position as a hands-free phone with voice reception of 1.5 m2. Conversation can be carried on while walking, lying down or even playing games!
# Conference phone for small group
Whether it is family gathering or business meeting, superior voice quality and ultimate portability makes TRIO an ideal device for small group conferencing
# Personal handset
At times of needing privacy talks, TRIO can be switched to handheld mode with simple toggle switch.
# Audio recorder
TRIO is also a high quality recorder with inbuilt recording software to accommodate the needs of Skype conversation and sound recording. The audio files are outputted as WAV format.

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