December 31, 2007

Witty is a Twitter client for Windows Vista and XP that is powered by the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Witty Functionalities:

* View recent Twitter statuses from the people you follow (auto-refreshing)
* View recent replies to you
* View a specific user's timeline
* Update your twitter status
* View and respond to Direct Messages
* Links will open in the user's default browser

Witty Code Specific Features:

* Minimize to the System Tray
* Runs in Single Instance mode
* Remembers the window settings for location and size
* Responsive UI with asynchronous calls to Twitter to prevent UI thread from locking
* Custom Styles and Resources
* Custom TwitterLib for encapsulating calls to Twitter
* Serialize to disk as XAML
* Make use of Kevin Moore's FlipTile3D (easter egg)
* Spell Checking
* New messages are displayed with yellow fade technique
* Option for always on top (Right-click the Witty Header)
* Save and store application settings
* Skins and Skinning

Witty Screenshots:

Witty - Twitter Client for Windows Vista and XP Witty - Twitter Client for Windows Vista and XP


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