December 31, 2008

Notifixious - Get Notified by IM on Website updatesNotifixious is a noticiation platform that sends messages to users on their IM when new messages are published on a website they like.

If you subscribe to your favorite websites with Notifixious, you will be notified when new content is available.

Notifixious currently supports Gtalk, AIM, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and ICQ networks.

If you own a website, you can add Notifixios Widget to your blog and allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog.

December 30, 2008

Love Family - 30 Free Emoticons for Windows Live Messenger
Love Family emoticon pack contains 30 free emoticons for Windows Live Messenger.

The package is built by Microsoft and marked as adware. It will attempt to change your default search engine to Live Search and will attempt to make MSN the default home page. However you can uncheck this at installation.

Download Love Family Emoticon Pack

December 29, 2008

Bandoo has easy to use and free collection of animations that you can use with your preferred IM application. It works with both Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. Bandoo offers the new version of emoticons, winks, nudges and more...

December 28, 2008

iVisit for Mobile and Desktop

December 28, 2008

Visit for Mobile and Desktop
iVisit enables multi-party video, voice, text chat, messaging and www sharing over intranets and the Internet. iVisit is available for PCs, Macs and mobile phones.

iVisit Features :

· Combine video conferencing, voice calls, instant messaging, AVMessaging, filesharing and web co-browsing for richer online meetings with family, colleagues or customers
· Interact privately 1:1, in 8 way videoconference rooms, 100 party channels or with iVisit Plus up to 15 others
· Video conference, audio call, message and collaborate across Windows & Mac Operating Systems and hardware
· Share pictures, videos, music or any file format during voice calls or video conferences
· Transfer files and folders in the background; share your albums and movies with family and friends. Bypass email and experience the benefits of iVisit security
· Offer affordable video conferencing to your team, business, school or community
· Create an iVisit Lite account for free and see how well it works for you

Download iVisit

December 26, 2008

MoodBox is an instant messenger, where you can draw with your friends. It's like usual IM, but instead of writing you make quick drawings.

MoodBox runs on your desktop and will instantly display messages with drawings sent by your friends. You can make your own drawings and send them to your friends.

All the good stuff (Moodstrips) you made with your friends can be published in blogs or web-sites using flash-widgets.

MoodBox Screenshots :

MoodBox Screenshots MoodBox Screenshots

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December 25, 2008

Normally you need to applye a patch live A-Patch or Messenger Plus! Live to run multiple WLM clients with different IDs. This simple regisry trick allows you sign into Messenger with different WLM IDs.

1. Click Start button on Windows, select Run, type regedit, click OK to start Registry Editor.
2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Live
3. Right click Messenger and create a new DWORD called MultipleInstances.

How to Run Multiple Instances of Windows Live Messenger With a Registry Edit

4. Right click the newly added registry key and choose Modify
5. Set the Value data to 1

How to Run Multiple Instances of Windows Live Messenger With a Registry Edit

6. Close regedit, you're DONE!

Now you can launch Windows Live Messenger as many times as you want.

Posted @ LiveSide.NET, via

December 24, 2008

"If you use iChat (or Adium—this hint works for that program as well) and have multiple accounts, there may be times when you want to log in to one account, but not the rest. Most of the time, though, you log in to all your accounts—so you’ve left the “automatically log in” setting enabled on each of your accounts. As an example, you may have a work account and a personal account, and would rather not log into the work account on the weekends. You could change the setting in iChat’s preferences, but that’s hardly an ideal solution..."
Continue reading : Start iChat without logging into accounts

Posted by Rob Griffiths @ Macworld

December 23, 2008

MSN Latin America team released emoticon packs for Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Latin America. Each pack contains 20 Christmas Smileys and available for download as an exe file on

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December 22, 2008

Skype in 2009

December 22, 2008

"2008 is turning out to be a great year for Skype growth (real users), nearly matching the record year of 2006. In my view, the patterns of Skype growth are affected by:

1. The popularity (name recognition) of the software itself... in comparison to communications alternatives.
2. The capability of computers and mobile communication devices.
3. The quality and capability of the software for multi-modal communication... in comparison to communications alternatives.
4. The state of the world economy
5. The availability of broadband..."
Continue reading : How Skype Will Grow in 2009

Posted by Hudson Barton @ Skype Journal

December 21, 2008

Xumii ScreenshotXumii allows you to connect with your friends even if they use other social networks, including Facebook, MySpace and imeem, or instant messaging services like AIM, Yahoo!, MSN Live or GoogleTalk.

On Xumii you can see the latest status updates from your friends, send a message to a friend, or a group of friends. Chat live with your friends on AIM, Yahoo!, MSN Live or GoogleTalk. Invite a few friends to chat in your own private group. Swap messages, photos and gifts on your mobile wall. Even watch a little YouTube.

Remember to check if Xumii supports your phone. Xumii team have just added support for some Windows Mobile phones and are starting to test Xumii on some Blackberry handsets. iPhone support will be available soon.

December 20, 2008

Skype 4.0 beta 3 releasedSkype 4.0 Beta 3 version is available for Windows users. Skype 4 beta 3 looks a lot like Skype 4 beta 2, but it packs a few new features. It has support for Outlook contact importing, abuse reporting, and a bandwidth manager that aims to improve call quality.

New Beta has the following features and improvements :

* feature: Abuse reporting
* feature: Call Quality Feedback button
* feature: Skype Prime payments support
* feature: Outlook Contacts
* feature: Custom Chrome
* feature: History
* feature: My Account in Client 2
* improvement: Options panel updated
* improvement: improved layout of profile area in group conversations
* improvement: Instant Messaging display
* improvement: Call Toolbar
* improvement: More visible button to switch between default and classic view
* improvement: Improved bandwidth allocation methods
* improvement: Changes to file sending design

Download Skype 4.0 Beta 3

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December 19, 2008

aMSN Portable

aMSN is a free open source Windows Live Messenger Messenger clone. PortableApps packaged it as a portable app, so you can carry aMSN Portable your flash disk or hard drive whereever you go.

aMSN Features :

Offline Messaging
Voice Clips
Display pictures
Custom emoticons
Multi-language support (around 40 languages currently supported)
Webcam support
Sign in to more than one account at once
Full-speed File transfers
Group support
Normal, and animated emoticons with sounds
Chat logs
Event alarms
Conferencing support
Tabbed chat windows
And lots more...

Download aMSN Portable

aMSN Screenshot :

aMSN Screenshot


December 18, 2008

"If access to Internet instant messaging were granted based upon wit, character and the ability to contribute to the community, there would be many fewer people online but perhaps an experience of better quality. Alas, anybody with an Internet connection and a keyboard can make their presence known, even if unwanted and undesired.

I speak for the people who are fed up with creepy little monkey people who, for reasons unknown, believe themselves interesting enough for a conversation.

Chats among friends, colleagues, and loved ones are another matter. I mean the people who would waste our—yours and mine—most precious commodity, time. I mean the people so deeply unable to connect and relate to real human beings that they suppress all of their desires and urges and let them loose online where they are fruitless. Chat leeches, heed my words, for your reign is over..."
Continue reading : A Vampire's Rule For Instant Messaging

Posted by LupiaSappho Wolf @ Orato

December 17, 2008

Download Windows Live Messenger 9 RC Build 1202 (Build 14.0.8050.1202)
Windows Live Messenger 9 RC build 1202 has been released. This new build has several enhancements as well as new features :

1. New messenger scenes!
2. Status text contact name in contact list has been removed.
3. Signature sounds have been removed. It must be due to the belief that some annoying sounds could be created and the service abused
4. New feature: Your contacts latest feed is now shown in the conversation window.
5. Redesigned sign-in layout.
6. Fixed the highly publicised custom emoticon bug
7. New layout options.
I) Sort your categories alphabetically or by status
II) Show your offline contacts in your categories instead of a separate “Offline” category, or show them in a separate category if you want.
III) Show your offline SMS contacts in their own category
8. Redesigned toasts with transparency effects.
9. New messenger buddy icon.
10. Redesigned conversation window (minor tweaks from previous Wave 3 build).
11. Windows 7 Jump lists updated.

Please note that this new build is not fully compatible with Messenger Plus Live plugin. However tabbed chatting and chat logging features still work.

Download Windows Live Messenger 9 RC Build 1202 offline Installer

Windows Live Messenger 9 RC Build 1202 Screenshots :

Windows Live Messenger 9 RC Build 1202 Screenshots Windows Live Messenger 9 RC Build 1202 Screenshots Windows Live Messenger 9 RC Build 1202 Screenshots

via Messenger Stuff

December 16, 2008

10 Christmas Emoticons for Windows Live Messenger from MSN Italy
MSN Italy released a Xmas emoticon pack which contains 10 animated emoticons of Santa and Rudolph.

The download page is non-English, so when you land on that page, click on the the red button named “Scarica Gratis* Le Emoticon Natalizie”. This will start an installer to install emoticons if you have Windows Live Messenger installed on your computer.

December 15, 2008

Club Cooee 3D Messenger

December 15, 2008

Club Cooee is a 3D internet communication platform for teenagers who want to meet in a virtual reality to have fun and be creative together. The core of Club Cooee is an innovative and worldwide unique 3D messenger capable of depicting a realtime and live environment. Club Cooee's 3D Messenger works on your Windows Vista and Windows XP desktop. No dull and boring program window, no browser. You can move within an environment that you create yourselves.

The lean Club Cooee 3D messenger client simply turns the depiction of avatars, rooms and items into a user-friendly interface in Windows Vista Widget style. But this unique technology also depicts 3D in Windows XP without any problems.

December 12, 2008

Google Adds Free SMS Text Messaging to Gmail Chat (Currently US Only)

Gmail team added SMS service to Gmail Chat. From now on you can send free SMS from chat window within Gmail anywhere in US.

To get started, login into Gmail and click on settings at the top part of the screen. Then click on Labs tab and scroll down to check for "Text Messaging (SMS) in chat". Select enable and click on save changes.

To start sending SMS from a chat window, click on "Options" button and select "Send SMS" option. Then enter the phone number and click on save button, the chat windows will be converted to SMS window.

December 11, 2008

IMinent team released version v 2.0847 of IMBooster which is a free add-on to create and send your own multimedia messages.

This new version is compatible with with Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger 9.0, polygamy Messenger Plus and other similar add-ons.

New IMBooster also contains Winks 2.0, which are more complex, they don't just play in the chat window, they cut the window, fold it, fill it with water, turn it upside down....

Download IMBooster v 2.0847

December 10, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger Emoticarolers - Create Singing Emoticons to share with your Friends
Yahoo! Messenger team starded a new service called Emoticarolers, which allows you to create singing emoticons to share with your friends.

Pick the Emoticarolers for your group, customize the lyrics to a favorite tune, and then send your e-card off to the digital doorsteps of your friends and family.

Once you’ve completed your Emoticaroler greeting, you can IM it to a friend, include it as a link in your Yahoo! Messenger status message, email it, or download the MP3.

via Yahoo! Messenger Blog

December 08, 2008

Truphone for iPod Touch enables you to make free calls to other Truphone users over the internet, using the Wi-Fi connection of the iPod Touch.

Once you install Truphone for iPod, and with the addition of microphone adaptor (Truphone microphone adaptor available soon)*, owner you can make free calls to other iPod Touch owners, to customers of Truphone’s Internet telephony service, and to users of the Google Talk instant messaging service.

Truphone for iPod Touch can be easily downloaded from Apple’s App Store in exactly the same way as any other iPod touch application.

Truphone for iPod Touch Screenshots :

Transform your iPod Touch into a Mobile Phone with Truephone Transform your iPod Touch into a Mobile Phone with Truephone

December 07, 2008

Rocketalk - Connect to Yahoo!, MSN, GoogleTalk, AOL & ICQ on your Mobile PhoneRockeTalk allows you to use multiple instant messengers at the same time on your mobile phone.

Rocketalk Features :

Meet New People: Meet exciting new people right on your mobile phone.
Instant voice & picture chat: Share your world with your new and existing friends using voice, and picture chat
Free galleries & mobile downloads: Free galleries and view amazing content posted by other users, or post your own creations. Download loads of cool stuff for your phone...ringtones, videos, wallpapers and more!
Vibrant communities: Join one of the vibrant communities buzzing with voices, pictures and more. Or start your own community.
Instant messengers: Connect to your instant messengers like Yahoo!, MSN & Google Talk!

Go to on your phone to download Rocketalk

December 05, 2008

Stinto - Create Disposible Chat RoomsStinto allows you to can create your own private chatroom quickly and easily. The chat will be deleted after longer period of inactivity. Default delete time is 6 hours, but may be changed by the creater of the chat.

No download or install required - a current browser will suffice.

To create a chat you only have to click the button on the welcome page. You'll get immediately a unique URL of your chat. Only users knowing the address of the chat will be able to join.

Stinto is ideal for conferences with business partners, planning for the evening with friends, gamer meetings etc...

via lifehacker

December 04, 2008

Alonia is a multi-protocol instant messenger supporting Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN and AIM accounts.

Alonia allows you to send text messages in real time, exchange photos and other files, talk by phone or video-phone.

Alonia Features :

Talk PC to PC free of charge with Alonia friends and, for the best PC - Telephone tariffs, anywhere in the world. Also get a phone number and you can be called from anywhere
Video Telephone
Do you have a WebCam? Talk on Video Telephone with your Alonia friends, free of charge
Communicate with friends using Alonia Messenger. Here you can meet those who have an Alonia account as well as those who have other compatible Instant Messaging applications accounts

Download Alonia / Softpedia Mirror

Alonia Screenshots :

Alonia Screenshots Alonia Screenshots

December 03, 2008 Aggregates IM and Social Networks

"There aren’t many sites with 5 million users that we haven’t heard of, but is just that, and it’s a name you might be hearing a lot more of after it launches in the US today.

Previously available in Brazil and India, the site bills itself as a “Meebo for social networking” of sorts, allowing you to simultaneously login to accounts on both social networking services like Facebook and MySpace and instant messaging networks like MSN..."
Continue reading : The Next Massive IM and Social Networking Aggregator?

Posted by @ businessopportunitystartup

December 02, 2008

Messenger Central - Download Free Windows Live Messenger Content
Messenger Central is a new website from MSN UK team.

You can browse for Windows Live Messenger related content on Messenger Central :

Expressions : Create your own Winks or get some pre-built packs.
Games : Browse for games like Fishticuffs, Buddy Blaster, Minesweeper etc...
Chat Bots : Add WLM agents to you buddy list
Acitivies : Read amazing stories, download wallpapers, create avatars...
Alerts : Get the latest on Games, Music and more...

December 01, 2008

iJab is a web-based Jabber instant mesenger client. iJab is completely written in Javascript, and uses Ajax technology, such as gwt and jsJac xmpp library.

iJab provides basic instant messaging. You just have to use a compatible web browser, no need to install anything on your computer. It's comparable to JWChat, but all windows stay inside one web page and you don't need to worry about to many pop-up windows. You could configure iJab with different themes based on CSS design.

iJab Features :

· Instant Messages and 1:1 Chats
· Jabber presence types with support for away messages
· Support for transport/gateways to other IM services like ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc.
· Server side storage of preferences
· Emotions

iJab Screenshot :

iJab - Ajax Web-based Jabber Client

November 28, 2008

In some cases Windows Live Messenger (MSN) installer can't be found in the Control Panel's Programs applet or has become damaged with a failure error or the Windows Installer is prompting for a missing .msi file which you can't find anymore. There are fixes for all these problems, but they are complicated and can be frustrating to some people.

With all this in mind, Jonathan Kay developed ZapMessenger. ZapMessenger is a one step tool to completely remove Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger 5.x.

ZapMessenger attempt to cleanly uninstall WLM normally and if that fails for any reason, it forcibly remove Messenger from the Windows Installer engine allowing you to reinstall at your leisure without hindrance.

Download ZapMessenger


November 27, 2008

Nimbuzz for iPhone

Mobile Instant Messaging provider Nimbuzz launched its iPhone application into the Apple iPhone App Store.

The free application allows users to call, chat and message, for free, with their friends on virtually all major instant messaging networks, including Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Gtalk, ICQ, Jabber, and more. It's designed specifically for the needs of iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Nimbuzz for iPhone supports landscape mode chat, IM buddy calling (including Yahoo!), and regional social network support.

November 26, 2008

Yamee is a free downloadable Yahoo Messenger client for your Java handphone. You can chat with yor Y!M buddies, add or delete contacts, set or view your contacts status messages and send messages to groups or several selected contacts.

Yamee is also skinnable, you can change the UI skins from the settings menu.

Yamee Features :

- add and remove contact
- conference
- contacts grouping
- send message to group or several selected contacts (press # to show the mark)
- send and receive BUZZ
- receive offline message
- incoming mail notifications
- typing notification
- offline/online notifications
- show/hide offline contacts (shortcut: press 0)
- set or view status (status shown on the top screen)
- skinnable (4 type skins)


November 25, 2008

The new Google customizable homepage, iGoogle integrates with Gmail chat, so you have access to the same IM in iGoogle as you do in Gmail. The new iGoogle places Gmail Chat tab on the left-hand side of the page :

Popular social network Orkut also added Gmail Chat. A fully integrated version of Google Talk works seamlessly from within orkut, with no install or separate window required :

November 24, 2008

"The preface to this little project is that at work I have been handed a project which is all about styling. Given the recent release of Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 beta, the new 2.5 API set and the customizations that you can now do with Messenger Client, I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a new Web Messenger control from scratch. There is a link there, believe me :)

Anyway, in my previous dealings with Web Messenger I’ve built the control directly into the web page itself. This time around I thought I’d build a User Control so that it could be easily dropped into any page. This in itself brings about some problems of it’s own..."
Continue reading : Creating a Web Messenger control from Scratch – Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Posted by HackerSoft @ LiveSide

November 22, 2008

Messenger Key - Recover your Instant Messenger Passwords
Messenger Key allows you to recover passwords for ICQ, MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo instant messengers. Messenger Key is freeware.

Messenger Key Features :

* All versions of Mirabilis ICQ starting with ICQ 99 are supported
* Mirabilis ICQ Lite is supported
* MSN Messenger is supported
* Google Talk Messenger is supported
* Yahoo Messenger is supported
* State of the art password recovery engine - all passwords are recovered instantly
* Multilingual passwords are supported
* Full install/uninstall support

Download Messenger Key


November 21, 2008

Bajca - Emoticon & Smiley Keyboard Bajca is an emoticon keypad designed by Adriano Design for Progind.

With a simple USB connection Bajca connects to the computer, adding a 4×4 grid of 16 emotional keys that represents a different smiley each one: finally each emoticon is found in one key, apart from before where a combination of keys had to be used in order to create the same emotion.

So if you’re too lazy to type a semi-colon and parentheses for your emoticon, this keypad is your answer.

via Yahoo! Messenger Blog

November 20, 2008

Trillian Auto Backup (TAB)Trillian Auto Backup (TAB) allows you to backup your buddies (or optionally most configuration files, it does not backup logs or conversation history, only settings). With TAB you can upload your buddies.xml to a FTP server as well.

TAB is simply a front end launcher for Trillian that does a job then exits, the reason for this is two fold:

* Why keep something in memory when you don't need to (this originally started out as a plugin)
* This avoids any "race" condtions or problems with files being overwritten when Trillian is exited.

Download Trillian Auto Backup / Mirror

Trillian Auto Backup Screenshot :

Trillian Auto Backup (TAB) - Backup Your Trillian Buddies and Configuration Files

November 19, 2008

Yoono - Chat on any network within your Firefox BrowserYoono is a firefox plugin that socializes your browser. You can bring all your friends into your browser with Yoono to follow what they are doing, chat with them wherever they are, discover and share any content by a single drag & drop.

Yoono supports MSN, Yahoo!, Gtalk, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, iMeem, Flickr, Twitter and Friendfeed.

Yoono also synchronizes your bookmarks between your different computers.

Yoono Features :

• Gather all of your social networks in one place including Facebook, MySpace, iMeem, Twitter, Flickr, FriendFeed, Youtube,, Seeqpod, Piczo and more coming soon.
• Bring together all of your chat networks including AIM, GTalk, MSN, and Yahoo!
• Universally update you profile status.
• Receive live updates from your friends.
• Search and prioritize friends and their updates.
• Instant message and chat with friends in any network.

• Find relevant articles and discover new sites as you browse the web.
• Meet new friends and Yoono users that are interested in the same topics.
• Save and share specific content with your friends.

• Drag and drop photos and videos from any site including YouTube and share live with friends.
• Upload pictures to Flickr via Yoono.
• Create and save a file around photos and videos and share with friends or post to a blog.

Download Yoono

Yoono Screenshots:

Yoono Screenshots Yoono Screenshots

November 18, 2008

YMess - Downloadable Yahoo! Messanger Client for Java MobileYmess is a Yahoo Messenger client for Java (J2ME) mobile phones. It requires MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0-enabled device.

Ymess is a simple and fast freeware, it doesn't need proxy or gateway to connect to the Yahoo! Messenger server.

Download Ymess

November 17, 2008

Microsoft team has released a downloadable Windows Live Messenger client for mobile phones. You just need to select your “Operator”, “Mobile Phone Brand” and model number to start downloading WLM for Mobile.

You can chat with friends, can use emoticons, can have group chats and can send images as well.

November 14, 2008

Friendfeed now allows you to receive updates and post via IM over Google Talk or Jabber.

To enable IM updates, go to Account and then fill in your Google Talk or Jabber account address and select the option as to when Friendfeed sends you IM notification. After enabling IM notifications, go to your IM client and accept the request from Friendfeed. Now whenever someone comments on your posts or makes a post, you’ll recieve an IM notification.

Once you have enabled IM notifications, you can also post messages and comments to your FriendFeed by sending IM commands to the FriendFeed bot.

November 13, 2008

MSN Helper allows you to capture MSN chat by taking snapshot automatically. You just need to press one key to start the msn conversation monitor accurately and stealthily.

MSN Helper is especially useful for administrators or parents, who need to know what their employees or kids are care and talking about with others.

MSN Helper Features :

· Log msn chat detail accurately
· Auto run when windows startup
· Auto delete chat log record that no one could know you have ever spy them
· View the chat content via snapshot
· User-friendly UI with "easy" procedures
· Password protect from unauthentic access
· Everything will be recorded without being detected

Download MSN Helper from Softpedia

MSN Helper Features :

MSN Helper

November 12, 2008

Gmail team added video and voice support to Gmail Chat. You need to download and install Gmail voice and video chat plug-in in order to use video and voice features.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

# Download the Gmail voice and video chat plug-in, quit all open browser windows, and install the plug-in.
# Sign in to Gmail.
# In the Chat section of your Gmail, select the contact you want to call. If they have a camera icon next to their name, you can make a voice or video call to them; just click Video & more.

Once you install the plugin, to start a video chat, just click on the "Video & more" menu at the bottom of your Gmail chat window, and choose "Start video chat."

Even if your friend doesn't have a video camera, you can still make a voice call or a 1-way video call.

November 11, 2008

Meebo team released their first downloadable application for a mobile device. With Meebo for Android on your T-Mobile G1, you can chat on Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN and Gtalk networks on your Android phone.

Meebo for Android is available now from the Android Market. All you have to do to get Meebo on your Android phone is head over to the Android Market on your handset and search for "Meebo".

Meebo for Android Features:

Any network. Sign into any IM network or add another account after you log in.

Smart buddylist. Recent conversations appear in a new group at the top of your buddylist.

Always on. Meebo stays connected and keeps track of your IM history so you never miss a message.


November 10, 2008

Yahoo MessengerAdd Yahoo Messenger to your website and chat with your visitors

Google TalkAdd Google Talk to your website and chat with your visitors

Windows Live MessengerAdd Windows Live Messenger to your website and chat with your visitors

AIMAdd AIM to your website and chat with your visitors

SkypeAdd Skype Button to your website and let other people contact you easily

Google TalkWindows Live MessengerAIMAdd Widget to your website and chat with your visitors

Yahoo MessengerGoogle TalkWindows Live MessengerAIMAdd Meebo Widget to your website and chat with your visitors

Yahoo MessengerGoogle TalkWindows Live MessengerAIMAdd Plugoo Widget to your website and chat with your visitors

Yahoo MessengerGoogle TalkWindows Live MessengerAIMAdd Digsby Widget to your website and chat with your visitors