January 31, 2008

"...Performance-wise, I found the preview release version too slow for my messaging needs. Although I know that it’s pre-beta, considering the time Yahoo spent for the development of this application, it seems that my expectations were so high (well, I am not alone with this). Of course, the program’s chat functionality is working well and I just love the enhanced emoticons. Chat windows are contained in a single tabbed window for easier management as well. However, some useful features are missing yet (perhaps on this release). I would like to have the Archive functionality of previous versions to see easily the chat history, and the chat rooms and webcam (they are gone)..."
Continue reading : Why I Am Not Using Yahoo Messenger for Vista (Yet)

Posted @ JohnRaul.com

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January 30, 2008

Pika Bot for Yahoo Messenger

January 30, 2008

Pika Bot is a Yahoo! Messenger protocol based client, that can automate various aspects of your session on the Yahoo! Messenger Protocol.

Pika Bot provides you with the ability to do virtually anything on Yahoo! chat. The main advantage of using Pika Bot is the CEVT mechanism which lets you setup conditions and effects, with which you can create any kind of response to an event.

What sets Pika Bot apart is the CEVT mechanism that allows virtually any operation on the protocol to be automated.

Pika Bot Features:

· Log In to Yahoo! Messenger Protocol 15
· Send / Receive Private Message
· Join Yahoo! Public Rooms
· Send / Receive Chat Messages
· Ignore / Unignore Yahoo IDs
· Add / Remove Buddies
· Deny Buddies
· All Yahoo! Smileys (Default + Hidden)
· Events, Trigger, Condition based response engine
· Prefetched Yahoo Chat Room Listing (US, Germany, France, India etc)
· GUI Bot Maker
· Automatic Update
· Font / Color Formatting
· Fade / Alternate Color Text (GUI for fade color development not employed)

Pika Bot Screenshots:

Pika Bot for Yahoo Messenger Pika Bot for Yahoo Messenger

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"Phone interviews allow for possible deception, but the growing use of Webcams by schools is making it more difficult to use a stand-in.

Who's really on the other end of the line during a phone interview? It could be the student on the MBA application—or a well-spoken cheater.

It used to be that business school officials couldn't necessarily tell one from the other. But now, with the widespread use of Webcams, one avenue for potential cheating—including coaching or having an imposter sit in for the applicant—is being narrowed..."
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Posted by Alina Dizik @ Businessweek

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January 29, 2008

PixaMSN is a portable MSN Messenger client. PixaMSN writes no files to your hard disk or registry so it can be stored and run completely on a portable device such USB flashdisks or portable hard disks.

PixaMSN automatically log you in as invisible to other users. Once your logged in, you can change your status to online.

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"If you’re using the new Yahoo! Messenger for Vista preview version, this latest Windows Vista Hotfix may be of interest to you. Recently, Microsoft released a Hotfix for the layered windows function in Windows Vista. This improves the response time of Vista applications when layered windows are being used.

In the case of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista, this Hotfix improves the response times when you’re doing things like opening menus that overlay the main interface (like the options menu or skin chooser). According to the Microsoft WPF Performance blog (see link included with this message), installing this Hotfix can improve Vista Layered Windows performance up to 4x (depending on your machine’s specifications)..."
Continue reading : Performance Hotfix for Y! Messenger for Vista

Posted by Jeff @ BigBlueBall Forums

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January 28, 2008

"Mobile instant messaging (IM) adoption in Europe will grow from 8 percent (26.7 million subscribers) in 2007 to 24 percent (80 million subscribers) by 2013, according to a new study by Forrester Research. Forrester's mobile IM forecast is based on a survey of 22,000 consumers across France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

Three years after the first mobile IM service launched, Forrester believes operators still lack a true commitment to backing the technology because of fears that mobile IM will cannibalize revenue from their highly profitable text messaging services (SMS). But mobile IM's growth is inevitable and operators' fears of revenue erosion are greatly overstated according to Forrester Research Analyst Niek van Veen..."
Continue reading : Mobile IM Use in Europe Tripling in Six Years

Posted by Jeff @ BigBlueBall Forums

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January 27, 2008

Chat Rooms Application for Facebook
Chat Rooms Application allows you add a block to your profile that allows visitors to chat among each other in real time (automatically updates). You can also launch private messaging conversations with friends

Chat Rooms launches a real-time conversation (similar to MSN Messenger / Yahoo Messenger / IRC / Google Talk / Skype) on Facebook so that after each message is sent it almost immediately appears on the screen of everyone in the conversation.

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January 26, 2008

"London-based Cominded has launched its first product, named Yabb, after a year in development. Yabb reminds me of a community like Twitter (text-based microblogging) or Seesmic (video-based microblogging), but this time with voice calls made over Skype. So think ‘VOIP microblogging’.

Users import their Skype contacts, then are asked to allow Yabb access to Skype. The idea is to find a conversation topic of interest to you on the Yabb site, pick someone with interesting thoughts who has joined that topic then send them a call request by asking them to Skype you..."
Continue reading : Yabb launches VOIP micro-blogging service

Posted Mike Butcher @ Techcrunch UK

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January 25, 2008

SoccerBuddy allows you get the fastest and cheapest soccer Livescores direct to your mobile phone.

SoccerBuddy is working on IM networks; it lets you to exchange message with your buddies on MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and SoccerBuddy networks.

SoccerBuddy broadcast live scores, scorers, cards, half time and full time soccer results. It provides live scores for all major European, Asian & American football Leagues and Cups.

SoccerBuddy feeds result to your mobile phone only when there is a GOAL. It’s not per message charge SMS content service and it’s not WAP who always make you busy for nothing for reloading and browsing to others league site if there is no progress for the matches.

SoccerBuddy Features:

# Multiple IM accounts
# Compatibility: supports MSN, Yahoo and ICQ
# Multi-user Chat Room: Real-time chatting and conferencing
# Less Data Traffic: Highly optimized with data transfer compressed saving you data usage bills. #Heavy use of Soccerbuddy may consume approximately 2-5MB of data per month. It's usually considerably cheaper to send messages through SOCCERBUDDY than SMS.
# Multi-lingual Support

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January 24, 2008

"Two weeks ago I wrote about Social.im, a new desktop product from Mogad that allows you to instant message with all of your Facebook friends. The initial software was Windows only. Today they just launched a way for Mac users to use it, too.

This isn’t a Mac client, but they’ve provided instructions for using Social.im via ichat or Adium (a popular Mac instant message aggregator). I was not able to configure it properly for iChat, but it’s humming on Adium..."
Continue reading : Facebook IM Client Social.im Now Available For Mac

Posted by Michael Arrington @ Techcrunch

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January 23, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger for Vista Preview (2008.01.11.428)
Yahoo team released a new preview version of Yahoo Messenger for Vista.

This latest version includes the following fixes and features:

Performance & Stability improvements:
# Typing and switching between tabs and windows.
# Odd craches fixed.

A fresh look & feel for some areas:
# Ability to make the contact list narrower.
# Some menus, like the display image picker, have been cleaned up and enhanced.
# Offline messages are more clearly displayed with a new “While you were out” tag and timestamp to denote the message.

Sidebar gadget reliability:
# Drag and drop a contact into the sidebar if you’re on a 64-bit version of Vista.
# Red “X’ that sometimes appeared in place of a contact’s image removed.

Various bug fixes:
# Sign-in problems fixed.
# The bug where the message window wasn’t always scrolling down as the conversation progressed fixed.
# The contact list to maintain the open or close status of your groups between sessions fixed.

via Yahoo Messenger Blog

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January 22, 2008

Chatmaker allows you create disposable chat rooms with a single click.

All you need to do is find some name for your chat room and press 'Go' on Chatmaker.net. Once the room is ready, you can invite your friends by sending them a direct link to the room. ChatMaker is web-based and free.

Chatmaker Features:

* Quickly create disposable chat rooms for one-time chats.
* Create several chat rooms and invite as many people as you like.
* No registration or sign up required.
* Extensive administration features (coming soon).

Chatmaker Screenshot:

via makeuseof

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January 21, 2008

Crawler Smileys allows you insert smileys into your email and instant messages with a single click. It's compatible with ICQ , Windows Live Messenger, AOL 9.0 Email and Browser, AIM, Google Talk and webmail applications opened in Internet Explorer such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Crawler, Inbox.com and others.

Crawler Smileys:

# Over 2,500 cool animated smileys
# Access a collection of over 4,600 eCards
# Insert smileys & eCards with just a click!
# Extremely easy to use
# Works with AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk and most webmail services

Crawler Smileys comes with huge collection of free eCards for all occasions:

* New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas
* Love, Friendship, Thank You
* Birthday eCards
* Good Luck, Sympathy
* Annivesary, Wedding, Baby Birth
* Image Galleries: Animals, Nature, People & more...

NOTE: Crawler Smileys contains Adware - you can, however, uncheck that adware at installation!

Crawler Screenshots:

Crawler Smileys Crawler Smileys

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January 17, 2008

Yahoo Messenger Now Uses Norton Antivirus"...Everyone fears receiving a file that contains a virus; they can lurk in files from even the closest of friends. So we’re happy to announce new, enhanced file transfer security as part of the partnership between Yahoo! Messenger and Symantec.

Yahoo! Messenger has teamed up with Symantec to provide automatic file scanning for users of Norton AntiVirus 2007/2008 and Norton Internet Security 2007/2008 (for Windows)..."
Continue reading : New file transfer security with Norton AntiVirus

Posted @ Yahoo Messenger Blog

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AdiIRCAdiIRC is an IRC client allowing you to connect IRC network. It's written in C# to be flexible and to implement neat features fast.

AdiIRC Features:

# Threaded multiserver support
# Full DCC Send/Get support
# Sysinfo, like cpu,gfx,hd,mem,uptime etc
# Winamp, iTunes, QCDPlayer and Windows Media Player now playing support
# Fullscreen and opacity options
# Rawlog output window
# Channels/private windows logging
# Customizable colors (inc mIRC colors)
# Runs on all versions of Windows and out of the box in Windows Vista
# Basic Identd features
# Clean but customizable User Interface
# Does not need an installer, everything stored in textfiles
# Can update itself
# Transparent background images
# Away system
# Channel text search panel (ctrl + f)

AdiIRC Screenshots:

AdiIRC - Yet Another IRC Client AdiIRC - Yet Another IRC Client

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Imo.im Facebook Application
The web-based multi-protocol IM client Imo.im launched a Facebook application.

The applications supports all the features of imo.im. You can video chat, sign into AIM, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, and link your accounts. Once you have linked your Facebook account, you can sign into imo.im directly to chat with your Facebook friends.

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January 16, 2008

New AIM 6.8 Beta version has a new feature called Real-Time IM.

This new feature allows you and your buddy see what the other person is typing in real-time, as it is being typed, right in your IM window. Normally, you can't read a message from your buddy until it is sent and appears in the IM window. But with Real-Time IM, you see each letter your buddy is typing in the IM window even before it is sent to you.

AIM 6.8 Beta
To invite a buddy to participate in Real-Time IM, click the Actions menu at the top of the IM window, or at the bottom of the Buddy List® window, and then select Real-Time IM.

Note : To test this feature, you will need to IM with users who are also using AIM 6.8

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"Web-based IM service Meebo is a text-book case of how to build a brand (and traffic) with widgets on other sites. As we’ve noted in the past, the bulk of Meebo’s traffic comes from Meebo Rooms and other widgets embedded on other sites, including Facebook. Some new comScore Widget Metrix numbers pan this theory out..."
Continue reading : Meebo Widget Strategy Paying Off

Posted by by Erick Schonfeld @ Techcrunch

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January 15, 2008

eTalkup allows you to receive notification as soon as someone visits your site and start chatting with them instantly. You have the chance to maximize your site's potential using this application.

eTalkup Features:

Easy to setup
Just add one line JavaScript code into your webpage and you are all set.

Easy to maintain
You don’t have to be a computer geek. All the maintenance work is done by us. Just visit our website for all you want.

Easy to use
You’ll find our eTalkup console similar to
your familiar IM software (e.g.MSN/ Yahoo messenger). You can just use it without reading any user manual.

Easy to upgrade
eTalkup has auto-update function. It can upgrade itself.

eTalkup Screenshots:

eTalkup Screenshot eTalkup Screenshot

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January 14, 2008

LiveKill Clean Messenger is allows you clean your computer of the MSN infections. It has a very convivial interface and it’s very simple to use. The program currently supports French, English and Spanish and its aim is to destroy a huge number of MSN infections, integrating the database of MSNFix. It also generates a report once scan and cleaning are over. It works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista with all MSN and Windows Live Messenger versions.

LiveKill Clean Messenger Features:

* Disinfect msn of all the viruses of MyAlbum type in only a few seconds.
* Register cleaning.
* Viral base automatic update.
* Usable on Windows XP and on Vista for all the versions of MSN and WLM.
* More than 2000 detected files.
* Language support

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January 13, 2008

"Will you believe me if I'll say that you can actually send SMS through Chikka using your Gmail Chat? I've read some articles about sending SMS through Chikka using Googletalk and tried it. The fact the you will login your Google account in both Google services, the Gmail and Googletalk, you can actually send SMS too in Gmail. This is my version and I hope it is very useful:"
Continue reading : How To Send SMS Through Chikka Using Gmail Chat

Posted @ A Piece of Idea

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January 12, 2008

"I am more and more convinced that when Skype users send in a CS request they are actually sending it to a computer (and yes in fact they are) but that is as far as it get, it does not get touched by human hands. I am of the opinion that when you send in you CS request it is scanned by a computer which is looking for certain KEYWORDS, once it find those keyword it the delves into it’s data base of standard answers and send that back to you.

If the keyword you use are not in it’s data base then you will get sent back some random answer that has nothing in the world to do with your problem..."
Continue reading : Skype's Robotic Customer Service

Posted by a1gjv @ ZDnet.co.uk Blog

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January 11, 2008

Gamepe is an in-game IRC Client and Windows Live Messenger Client.

It was designed to be an in-game MP3 Player, Windows Live Messenger Client and IRC Client for use inside games without having to minimize (Alt+Tab) the game window.

To use the IRC chatting client, all you need to do is to install Gamepe.
But if you want to chat through WLM you will need to install Microsoft Windows Live Messenger. You won't notice any difference in your game's performance.

Gamepe Features:

• Easy to use
• Same mIRC commands
• No lag
• Send & receive message from/to Microsoft MSN

Gamepe Screenshot:

Gamepe Screenshot

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The YCC Cam Cap application allows you automatically saves both inbound and outbound Yahoo! Messenger webcam streams to an AVI file.

YCC Cam Cap performs this by taking individual screenshots of the Yahoo! Messenger webcam control and saving them into a video file on your hard drive. YCC Cam Cap is not selective in the webcam streams it captures but saves any webcam control located on the desktop.

This process is carried out automatically behind the scenes so that when a new webcam window is opened, a new file is created and when a webcam window is closed the file is finalized. As long as you have a powerful enough machine, YCC Cam Cap is capable of saving an almost unlimited number of webcam windows at the same time and in real time.

YCC Cam Cap Screenshot:

YCC Cam Cap

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January 10, 2008

Social.im - Instant Messenger For Facebook
Social.im allows you chat with all your Facebook friends from one IM client. It's a normal IM client that grabs all of your Facebook friends via the Facebook API and put them into Social.im.

Social.im is only available for Windows machines now but a Mac version is coming soon. The client is still on alpha stage so be ready for bugs.

The client also shows other basic information about Facebook - new wall posts, messages, pokes, friend requests and photos tagged with your name.

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January 09, 2008

Skype Headset For Sony PSP

January 09, 2008

Skype Headset For Sony PSP
"After all the excitement surrounding the new PSP Skype add-on, Sony have just revealed images of the headset that potential users will have to sport to use the service. Let's face it; most of us think of embarrassingly deluded businessmen who fancy themselves as entrepreneurs when we see someone shouting into a bluetooth mobile phone headset, so it's good to see that the PSP system is a little more stylish..."
Continue reading : Skype Headset pictures released

Posted by Will Freeman @ pspsps

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This pack includes 30 emoticons created by Microsoft. The homepage is in spanish, click Descarga to start downloading.

via messenger.es

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January 08, 2008

"Since leaving the world of marketing agencies to work from home, my meetings have gone from mostly physical to mostly virtual. The vast majority of my clients over the last few years have been overseas. Whereas before I would hop on the train and go see clients, now I spend most of my time conversing using email and Skype.

While email allows a great deal of work flexibility, especially when it comes to scheduling, in many cases people like to deal with a human being directly rather than stare at text. Even for dyed in the wool internet geeks like me, holding voice meetings is a valuable skill to develop.

Here are some quick tips for better Skype conversations..."
Continue reading : Tips for Better Skype Meetings

Posted by @ Chris Garrett chrisg

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January 07, 2008

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January 06, 2008

Vista Ultimate Skin For Windows Live Messenger 8.5

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January 05, 2008

HotRecorder for VoIPHotRecorder for VOIP is an advanced tool that lets you to easily record, play, store and convert voice communications held over the Internet.

HotRecorder records all parties in 2 different channels and merges them into a single file. It uses a new technology that encodes the file so you may store, share, and even search recordings in your playlist.

HotRecorder for VoIP Features:

# Works with Skype 3.0™, Google Talk™, AIM ™, Net2Phone™, Yahoo! Messenger ™, FireFly™ and many other VoIP applications.
# Useful voicemail for Google Talk™ and Skype™.
# Audio Converter Tool: convert the proprietary ELP format into MP3, WAV or OGGfiles.
# Emotisounds ™ to add humorous sounds to your online conversations!
# File, play and share your conversations!

HotRecorder for VoIP Screenshots:

HotRecorder for VoIP HotRecorder for VoIP

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January 04, 2008

Flexible USB keyboard and Skype Handset"When technology and design diverge, out slops this USB Skype keyboard from the yawning crevasse of consumer hell. Buffalo went and super-sized a standard 109 key keyboard, shrunk a ma bell handset, and married the two in a fit of craplastic under the beelzebublian monikered BKBU-SKJ109/SV..."
Continue reading : Buffalo's USB keyboard and Skype handset

Posted by Thomas Ricker @ engadget

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IceChatIceChat is an IRC ( Internet Relay Chat) client designed to run on Windows 9x/Me/2k/XP/2003 and Vista. It is used to connect to IRC Servers and chat in channels with other IRC Users.

You can connect IceChat to an unlimited number of servers, all in one session (No need to start multiple copies of IceChat). You can do basic mirc scripting with IceChat, as well as use the Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) Engine. It can create custom popup menus, with the Popup Editor, or adding them with scripts, using the IceChat Editor.

IceChat was first being developed in 2000, and has gone through many changes in its interface, design, and of course its many features.

IceChat is freeWare, meaning anyone can use it, at no cost.

IceChat Screenshots:

IceChat Screenshots IceChat Screenshots

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Yahoo Messenger Hider
Yahoo Messenger Hider allows you to make sure that no one will see your private conversations at school or work.

It lets you hide your Yahoo Messenger Window from spying eyes. Pressing F11 will show/hide the main messenger window, whereas F12 will enable you to show/hide all messenger windows.

All chat windows titles are renamed with the window handle. You can also start/stop the service from the tray icon. Yahoo! Messenger tray icon is hidden upon start of the application and restored upon exit. The setup kit creates a shortcut in the STARTUP folder.

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January 03, 2008

"Sony has been working hard to increase the functionality and community infrastructure of the PSP, and handheld users have certainly appreciated their efforts in 2007. However, Sony isn't done upgrading and enhancing just yet, as the latest news says Skype will soon become available on the sleek portable gaming device."
Continue reading : PSP To Gain Skype Support Soon?

Posted by Ben Dutka @ PSX Extreme

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BitlBee allows you connect to other IM networks over IRC clients. It's a great solution for people who have an IRC client running all the time and don't want to run an additional IM Client.

BitlBee currently supports the following IM networks/protocols: Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and ICQ.

BitlBee Screenshots:

BitlBee BitlBee

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January 02, 2008

Animal Emoticon Pack for Windows Live Messenger

This package contains 20 free animal emoticons by Microsoft. Download from the homepage (French).

NOTE: Untick the pre-checked options during the setup if you don't want to set your default search/homepage to Microsoft's!

via messenger.es

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