January 16, 2008

New AIM 6.8 Beta version has a new feature called Real-Time IM.

This new feature allows you and your buddy see what the other person is typing in real-time, as it is being typed, right in your IM window. Normally, you can't read a message from your buddy until it is sent and appears in the IM window. But with Real-Time IM, you see each letter your buddy is typing in the IM window even before it is sent to you.

AIM 6.8 Beta
To invite a buddy to participate in Real-Time IM, click the Actions menu at the top of the IM window, or at the bottom of the Buddy List® window, and then select Real-Time IM.

Note : To test this feature, you will need to IM with users who are also using AIM 6.8

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