January 30, 2008

Pika Bot for Yahoo Messenger

January 30, 2008

Pika Bot is a Yahoo! Messenger protocol based client, that can automate various aspects of your session on the Yahoo! Messenger Protocol.

Pika Bot provides you with the ability to do virtually anything on Yahoo! chat. The main advantage of using Pika Bot is the CEVT mechanism which lets you setup conditions and effects, with which you can create any kind of response to an event.

What sets Pika Bot apart is the CEVT mechanism that allows virtually any operation on the protocol to be automated.

Pika Bot Features:

· Log In to Yahoo! Messenger Protocol 15
· Send / Receive Private Message
· Join Yahoo! Public Rooms
· Send / Receive Chat Messages
· Ignore / Unignore Yahoo IDs
· Add / Remove Buddies
· Deny Buddies
· All Yahoo! Smileys (Default + Hidden)
· Events, Trigger, Condition based response engine
· Prefetched Yahoo Chat Room Listing (US, Germany, France, India etc)
· GUI Bot Maker
· Automatic Update
· Font / Color Formatting
· Fade / Alternate Color Text (GUI for fade color development not employed)

Pika Bot Screenshots:

Pika Bot for Yahoo Messenger Pika Bot for Yahoo Messenger

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