January 25, 2008

SoccerBuddy allows you get the fastest and cheapest soccer Livescores direct to your mobile phone.

SoccerBuddy is working on IM networks; it lets you to exchange message with your buddies on MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and SoccerBuddy networks.

SoccerBuddy broadcast live scores, scorers, cards, half time and full time soccer results. It provides live scores for all major European, Asian & American football Leagues and Cups.

SoccerBuddy feeds result to your mobile phone only when there is a GOAL. It’s not per message charge SMS content service and it’s not WAP who always make you busy for nothing for reloading and browsing to others league site if there is no progress for the matches.

SoccerBuddy Features:

# Multiple IM accounts
# Compatibility: supports MSN, Yahoo and ICQ
# Multi-user Chat Room: Real-time chatting and conferencing
# Less Data Traffic: Highly optimized with data transfer compressed saving you data usage bills. #Heavy use of Soccerbuddy may consume approximately 2-5MB of data per month. It's usually considerably cheaper to send messages through SOCCERBUDDY than SMS.
# Multi-lingual Support

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