January 23, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger for Vista Preview (2008.01.11.428)
Yahoo team released a new preview version of Yahoo Messenger for Vista.

This latest version includes the following fixes and features:

Performance & Stability improvements:
# Typing and switching between tabs and windows.
# Odd craches fixed.

A fresh look & feel for some areas:
# Ability to make the contact list narrower.
# Some menus, like the display image picker, have been cleaned up and enhanced.
# Offline messages are more clearly displayed with a new “While you were out” tag and timestamp to denote the message.

Sidebar gadget reliability:
# Drag and drop a contact into the sidebar if you’re on a 64-bit version of Vista.
# Red “X’ that sometimes appeared in place of a contact’s image removed.

Various bug fixes:
# Sign-in problems fixed.
# The bug where the message window wasn’t always scrolling down as the conversation progressed fixed.
# The contact list to maintain the open or close status of your groups between sessions fixed.

via Yahoo Messenger Blog

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