February 28, 2008

Windows Live Messenger allows you to have group conversation by simply inviting your friends to your current chat window. Have you ever noticed that group chat is really annoying because you are automatically being pulled in when someone invites you?

Group Chat Warning is a Messenger Plus! Live script. When you get a new chat with more than one person, a window pops up, shows you who's in that conversation, and lets you:

- Does nothing but close the little warning window, so you can have the group chat like normal.

- Tells the conversation "Please ask before starting group conversations".
- Closes the Conversation.

This script does not actually avoid being invited into group chats, but it does make it easier to leave them. In order to use this script you need to install Messenger Plus! Live plugin.

Download Group Chat Warning Script

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February 27, 2008

The Google Talk Chatback Badge allows your visitors to your chat with you live on your site.

It doesn't matter whether your visitors have a Google Talk account or not, they'll be able to chat with you whenever you're signed in to your Google Talk account.

The Google Talk Chatback badge on the your site will be automatically disabled if you set your GTalk status as "Busy". And you chat with more than one person at the same time as each session will open in a separate tab.

via Digital Insprition

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February 26, 2008

SamePlaceSamePlace is a standards-compliant, innovative, user-friendly instant messenger addon built on the Mozilla platform. SamePlace currently supports Jabber, Gtalk, AIM and Windows Live Messenger networks.

SamePlace Features:

# Integrated in your browser
# Supports Jabber, GMail, MSN, AIM, Twitter accounts
# Contact quick finder
# Web page cherrypicking
# Ability to create your own smileys
# Shared web applications
# Detachable sidebar and external chat windows
# Password-less OpenID
# Highly extensible

SamePlace Screenshots:

SamePlace SamePlace

via messenger.es

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February 25, 2008

gSMS is a plug-in for Pidgin which notifies you by SMS when someone tries to contact you by Pidgin and you don't respond within a specified time frame.

SMSs are sent via Google Calendar and it doesn't give you the actual text of the message. Just the name of the contact and the date / time the message was sent to you. If multiple contacts leave messages, they will be all bundled together and sent to you in one SMS.

If you need help on installing gSMS, there is a great installing guide posted on makeuseof.

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February 24, 2008

Gmail Chat Added
Gmail Chat now supports invisible mode. Now when you log in, you can see your contact list online, but they won't be able to see you're online.

Please note that you won't be able to change your status to invisible on Google Talk Gadget or Desktop Client because they don't support this new feature yet.

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February 23, 2008

"This little howto is actually quite involved. I wasn’t quite sure what was possible with the new Live Messenger Addin capability, but as it turns out, it is quite difficult to bypass some of the barriers set up by the addin technology. If you are really intent on getting this set up, or are just curious about what I did to get it going, feel free to read on.

A note to those who aren’t interested in the programming side of this post: I’ll post the files you need to download throughout the howto, but these files are not really recommended for everyday use. The actual solution I’ve come to is a pretty odd workaround, though it does work, so feel free to give it a try if you’re brave..."
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Posted @ iGeneration

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February 21, 2008

WebMessenger provides mobile real-time presence, VoIP and collaboration products for enterprises and employees on-the-go. They recently announced that they were offering their personal instant messenger for free.

One of the biggest issues has been to run instant messaging clients on a Blackberry. You can now easily access AIM, Google, MSN, and Yahoo from your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, smartphone or PDA through WebMessenger for free.

Before you try to get them working on your Blackberry, you need to set up an account on the WebMessenger site. You simply tell them your logins for each of the IM networks out there and then when you login on the mobile device, all your contacts will be there.

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via messenger.es

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February 20, 2008

Enter Matrix Mode on Yahoo Messenger Vista

"Matrix mode expands on the tabbed conversations feature in Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. Tabs are handy for keeping your desktop free of multiple IM windows, but sometimes staying on top of all your conversations can be tricky.

Hitting Ctrl + Alt + Shift + b on your keyboard will turn your tabbed conversation window into one single window with a matrix of boxes, each showing an IM conversation.
Continue reading : A hidden feature in Yahoo! Messenger for Vista

Posted by Sarah Bacon @ Yahoo! Messenger Blog

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February 19, 2008

BuddyFetch is a search engine that lets people to search for fellow IM, social networking, and Internet dating users. BuddyFetch allows you searche through multiple providers : AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype, Paltalk, Myspace, OKCupid, IMVU, HOT or NOT, NETLOG, Tagged, Black Planet, MocoSpace, WAYN, Zwinky, eSPIN-the-Bottle, YouTube, Hi-5, Stumble Upon, Book Of Matches, Plenty of Fish, LavaPlace, Consummating, and Facebook.

BuddyFetch was created because there was no central directory that allowed searches for IM/Social Networking/Dating users across multiple providers, in conjunction with the fact that some directories would only allow you to search for screen names of IM users that were presently online.

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February 18, 2008

FeedblitzFeedBlitz turns blogs and feeds into emails to subscribers. It reads your blog's RSS feed - a computer-readable form of your blog produced by all the blogging tools out there. It then figures out what's new and sends the updates to subscribers by email, instant messages.

FeedBlitz has now extended its IM support (Skype and AIM) to include beta support for the Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger.

Subscribers can choose Y! and MSN from the newsletter subscription page, or may interact with the chat bots by adding the following names to their buddy lists and sending the "?" command:

Skype: FeedBlitz.Alerts
Yahoo!: FeedBlitz.Alerts
MSN: FeedBlitz.Alerts@hotmail.com
AIM: FeedBlitzAlerts

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February 16, 2008

PoyntPoynt is a free multimedia local search service that can be used all over North America.

You simply add poynt@live.com as a contact to your Windows Live Messenger or poynt on your AOL Instant Messenger and away you go. Once you have specified your search location, you can enter keywords for the businesses and services you need (like pizza or movies) and the results are returned, with those closest to your specified search location listed first.

With the ability to display all kinds of media, like movie trailers, and rich mapping functions inside of Messenger, Poynt is a very useful and handy tool for getting a handle on whatever it is you’re looking for, no matter where you go.

Poynt will be available across more platforms, including a BlackBerry application, expected to be available later in Q1 2008.

Poynt Screenshots:

Poynt Poynt

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February 15, 2008

Coccinella is a free and open-source cross-platform chat client with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people.

Coccinella can connect to any Jabber/XMPP instant messaging server. You can either use a public server, or you can deploy your own server. In the latter case, you can opt to federate your server with the public Jabber/XMPP network.

Coccinella can interact with other foreign instant messaging systems (ICQ, MSN Messenger and AIM) over Jabber.

Coccinella Features:

* File transfer
* Plugin system
* Group chat
* Avatars and emoticons
* Multi-lingual and internationalized
* Secured connections (TLS and SASL)
* Open standard instant messaging protocol

Coccinella Screenshots:

Coccinella Coccinella

via messenger.es

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February 14, 2008

OnState Unified Messaging for Skype is a subscription-based Skype messaging solution that integrates email, business chat, voicemail and customer contact messaging and recording systems.

Starting as low as $10/per month, the solution enables communications-enhanced business processes for small- and medium-sized businesses that use Skype.

OnState Unified Messaging for Skype routes, manages, stores and archives a range of business communications to expedite business processes and drive improved customer-contact management.

OnState Unified Messaging for Skype Features:

* Web 2.0 Ajax client
* Integrated Skype voicemail
* Call recording
* Online business chat logging
* Enterprise-class email and calendaring
* Push-mail for mobile devices
* Support for Outlook, Thunderbird and other mail clients
* Cross-mailbox search and compliance features

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February 13, 2008

"Here we rate the 5 most popular instant messenger applications, (AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, and Skype) in 6 categories: Instant Messaging, Voip Calling, Extra Features, User Interface, Memory Usage, and Ease of Removal, and give you a totally objective review!

We had 3 users of different computer knowledge levels rate each application.

Admin: Using a Logitech USB Headset 250 on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.1Ghz processor with 2GBs DDR2-800 RAM. Internet speeds are 3.0 Mb/s download and 768 Kb/s upload. Expert PC user.

Digit: Using a Philips SBC HN110 noise-canceling headset on an AMD Turion 64 X2 CPU @ 1.8Ghz/core and 1GB of DDR-667 RAM. Internet speed is 7 Mb/s down, 512 Kb/s up. Expert PC user.

GirlG33k: Using a Pentium III 500 MHz processor with 512 MBs of RAM. Internet speeds are 3.0 Mb/s download and 768 Kb/s upload. Above average PC user.

Here’s what each had to say:"
Continue reading : The Ultimate Instant Messenger Shootout

Posted @ The Tech Turf

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February 12, 2008

This pack includes 30 emoticons created by Microsoft. Download emoticons directly to Messenger.

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February 11, 2008

Hab.la is a lightweight method to chat with visitors to your website using your existing instant messaging client. Visitors to your website appear as buddies on your Buddy list, their messages to you appear as IMs. Their messages show up in your favorite instant messaging application. Hab.la works with Meebo, Pidgin, Adium, iChat, or any other XMPP/Jabber client.

When a visitor comes to your web page, the Hab.la chat box is minimized in the lower right corner of the browser. If you're signed in to your IM client, the box will read "click to chat." The messages arrive in your IM client. Your first chatter will be named webuser1. You can reply in the same way you'd reply to any IM. The chat box stays active even if the visitor goes to another page on your site. Your IM client's user status feature will show you what page your visitor is viewing. With most IM clients, this shows up right in your buddy list.

Hab.la Screnshots:

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February 09, 2008

How to Promote Your Skype Room

February 09, 2008

"Many people are discovering a new way to network and to build a community online Web 2.0 style in instantly interactive groups via Skype.
A group chat or “Skype Room” is where many people can chat, network and offer support together. This can be built in two ways ; 1) “Group Chat” and 2) “Public Chat” (see image below). Yet many people have not discovered the important differences between these two types of Skype Rooms. I love that you can now promote or link to your own or other people’s Skype Rooms. However you can only promote the Public Chat type...
Continue reading : How Do I Promote My Skype Room?

Posted by Julie Wolf @ Sales Funnel Secrets Blog

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February 08, 2008

digsby is a multiprotocol instant messaging client that allows you chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber with one simple to manage buddy list.

digsby's email notification tool alerts you of new email and lets you perform actions such as 'Delete' or 'Report Spam' with just one click.

Additinally it's a social networking tool that alerts you of events like new messages and gives you a live Newsfeed of what your friends are up to.

digsby IM Features:

# One combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber Accounts.
# Manage multiple conversations with tabbed conversation windows. You can drag + drop tabs out into their own windows for important conversations.
# Rename contacts with an alias so you don't have to remember buddy names like "giantsfan123".
# If one of your friends has more than one IM account you can combine them into a single merged contact to eliminate duplicate buddies.
# Send your friends SMS messages right from the IM window.
# The InfoBox lets you check everyone's status message and profile just by moving your mouse down the list.
# Changing your status has never been easier - just one click right on the buddy list!
# Multitask while you chat. Minimize the IM window and you see popups of new IM's. Best of all, you can reply right from the popup and get back to what you were doing.
# Log conversation history and find the information you need in our search enabled log viewer.

digsby IM Screenshots:

digsby Combines IM, Email and Social Networking digsby Combines IM, Email and Social Networking

via BigBlueBall Forums

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February 07, 2008

As you all know Yahoo! Messenger has a feature called Invisiblity. It means that your buddies can hide from you by changing their status to Invisible, that way you think they are offline. Using Invisible.ir you can find out if your buddies are Online, Offline, or Invisible.

Invisible.ir allows you check multiple Yahoo IDs at the same time. With Display Image Catcher you can steal other user's display pictures. Invisible.ir is web-based and free.

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"While social networking Web sites such as MySpace and Facebook have been singled out as places where teens could face sexual harassment, most of the unwanted solicitation actually happens in chat rooms and via instant messaging, a new study finds.

Even there, only 15 percent of children experience unwanted sexual solicitation and only a third report being harassed online, according to a new study in the February issue ofPediatrics..."
Continue reading : Social Networking Sites Safer Than IM or Chat Rooms

Posted By Steven Reinberg @ Washington Post

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February 06, 2008

Chess Assistant For Skype and Yahoo Messenger is a handy tool if you want to cheat in your online chess games, but also if you want to improve your performance.

If you play chess with your friends on Yahoo or Skype you can Use this program to have fun and defeat them. At the end do not forget to tell them that was a joke and you only wanted to saw how they react at your move.

Chess Asssistant Features:

- Automatically take screen snapshots and recognize the Skype/Yahoo Messenger chess table based on alghoritms
- A simple click will show you the best computer move for the current board configuration
- With a click you can automatically act the processed move on Skype/Yahoo Messenger chess board area

Chess Asssistant Screenshots:

Chess Asssistant for Skype and Yahoo Messenger Chess Asssistant for Skype and Yahoo Messenger

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February 05, 2008

Skype on Apple TV ?

February 05, 2008

"The Apple TV isn't just getting Cupertino's updates, apparently. According to aficionados of the little silver box, a Canadian teen who has hacked his way through a wireless keyboard workaround and a GPS plugin used for an in-car Apple TV setup, is developing a native Skype client for device. Brandon Holland, the hacker in question, says that the plugin will take advantage of the Skype API, and will allow a user to make calls and send text messages using a standard USB headset or USB phone..."
Continue reading : Native Skype coming to Apple TV?

Watch the demo video on Brandon Holland's website

Posted by Joshua Topolsky @ engadget

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MusicTracker PluginMusicTracker is a plugin for Pidgin. MusicTracker displays the music track currently playing in the status message of various accounts such as AIM, Yahoo, WLM, Google Talk (Jabber), etc., i.e. any protocol Pidgin supports custom statuses on. Support for a wide range of audio players on both Windows and Linux platforms is planned. MusicTracker currently supports following players: Amarok, Rhythmbox, Audacious, XMMS, MPC/MPD, Exaile, Banshee, Quod Libet on Linux. Winamp, Windows Media Player (9+), iTunes, Foobar2000 (incomplete support) on Windows.

MusicTracker Features:

* Allows you to customize the status string with various fields extracted from your media player such as artist, album, track, duration, progress bar, etc.
* Works around Pidgin's lack of support for MSN status messages by using the nickname instead.
* Different status messages for various media player states such as Playing, Paused and Stopped.
* Supports per-account status format customization.
* Optional Profanity filter for words in the status.

via Lifehacker

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February 04, 2008

Gizmo Now Supports MySpaceIM

February 04, 2008

"When Michael profiled the Gizmo Project in July 2005, he noted that it had more features than Skype, but lacked instant messaging. The one time Skype competitor has become the Jaiku to Twitter, having pretty much dropped off the radar as Skype was acquired by eBay and went on to become the leading desktop VOIP/ IM solution.

The open source SIPphone owned Gizmo has continued to be developed, and this week added MySpace IM support on top of support for MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Jabber (including Google Talk). Today’s Gizmo is more IM platform than predominantly VOIP platform, and it makes for a fairly decent product..."
Continue reading : Gizmo Gets MySpace IM Support, More IM Platform Than Skype These Days

Posted by Duncan Riley @ Techcrunch

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February 03, 2008

CUPhone RJ11 to USB Phone Adaptor-Combo allows you make free international calls to land phones around the world.

With USB to RJ11 adaptor you can use your choice of any regular phone. The RJ11 cord from your regular phone plugs into the USB to RJ11 adaptor. Plug the USB cable from the adaptor into your PC and you can place and receive internet phone calls. When a call comes in, your phone rings, lift the handset and take your call. You can place calls to regular phone numbers using the Personal Phone Gateway (PPG). In addition you can call other internet phone users, static gateways and it is compatible to other internet phone software such as Skype, MSN, Xlite, Delta3, Net2Phone, Dialpad..

You can use your cordless phone as well, your phone's keypad enables you to dial numbers using the phone and also send DTMF tones for accessing voice mail etc.

CUPhone Features:

# Make/receive both VoIP calls and PSTN regular calls with same phone
# Your choice of phone (including cordless phone)
# Forward your Skype call to your cell phone or a pre-set phone number
# Answer your PSTN line call and route the call to your Skype ( Windows only)
# Three ways conference call: local PC, remote Skype user and public phone.
# Make unlimited free international call to land phone
# Dial using the phone key pad
# Rings on an incoming call
# USB interface
# Easy install
# Sound card independent
# Compatible to Skype, Msn, Xlite, Delta3, Net2Phone, Dialpad..
# Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98
# Full version of IP Phone Center included ($19 value)

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February 02, 2008

"There is a great little instant messaging utility, Pidgin that helps to find who has blocked you in Google Talk. If you not sure how to configure Pidgin with Google Talk, I advice you to first visit this page.

Ok, now when you are aware of how to configure Pidgin to work with Google Talk, I’ll guide how to make smart use of Pidgin to identify who has blocked you on Google Talk.

It’s very simple. Just follow the steps..."
Continue reading : How to check if someone has blocked you on Google Talk

Posted @ Rakshit Khare’s Blog- Aarambh

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February 01, 2008

Gtalk Profile - Find Other Google Talk UsersGTalk Profile allows you find other Google Talk users from around the world.

Visit gtalkprofile.com and click a point on the map to search for users at that location. Points on the map can represent countries, states/provinces, or cities/towns (refer to the legend above the map).

You can also use the search box to even further narrow your search.

n order to use all of the features of GTalk Profile, you must have a browser that supports JavaScript, and JavaScript must be enabled.

The advanced features of GTalk Profile currently require one of the following web browsers:

* IE 6.0+
* Firefox 0.8+
* Safari 1.2.4+
* Netscape 7.1+
* Mozilla 1.4+
* Opera 8.02+

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