February 06, 2008

Chess Assistant For Skype and Yahoo Messenger is a handy tool if you want to cheat in your online chess games, but also if you want to improve your performance.

If you play chess with your friends on Yahoo or Skype you can Use this program to have fun and defeat them. At the end do not forget to tell them that was a joke and you only wanted to saw how they react at your move.

Chess Asssistant Features:

- Automatically take screen snapshots and recognize the Skype/Yahoo Messenger chess table based on alghoritms
- A simple click will show you the best computer move for the current board configuration
- With a click you can automatically act the processed move on Skype/Yahoo Messenger chess board area

Chess Asssistant Screenshots:

Chess Asssistant for Skype and Yahoo Messenger Chess Asssistant for Skype and Yahoo Messenger

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