February 03, 2008

CUPhone RJ11 to USB Phone Adaptor-Combo allows you make free international calls to land phones around the world.

With USB to RJ11 adaptor you can use your choice of any regular phone. The RJ11 cord from your regular phone plugs into the USB to RJ11 adaptor. Plug the USB cable from the adaptor into your PC and you can place and receive internet phone calls. When a call comes in, your phone rings, lift the handset and take your call. You can place calls to regular phone numbers using the Personal Phone Gateway (PPG). In addition you can call other internet phone users, static gateways and it is compatible to other internet phone software such as Skype, MSN, Xlite, Delta3, Net2Phone, Dialpad..

You can use your cordless phone as well, your phone's keypad enables you to dial numbers using the phone and also send DTMF tones for accessing voice mail etc.

CUPhone Features:

# Make/receive both VoIP calls and PSTN regular calls with same phone
# Your choice of phone (including cordless phone)
# Forward your Skype call to your cell phone or a pre-set phone number
# Answer your PSTN line call and route the call to your Skype ( Windows only)
# Three ways conference call: local PC, remote Skype user and public phone.
# Make unlimited free international call to land phone
# Dial using the phone key pad
# Rings on an incoming call
# USB interface
# Easy install
# Sound card independent
# Compatible to Skype, Msn, Xlite, Delta3, Net2Phone, Dialpad..
# Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98
# Full version of IP Phone Center included ($19 value)

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