February 05, 2008

MusicTracker PluginMusicTracker is a plugin for Pidgin. MusicTracker displays the music track currently playing in the status message of various accounts such as AIM, Yahoo, WLM, Google Talk (Jabber), etc., i.e. any protocol Pidgin supports custom statuses on. Support for a wide range of audio players on both Windows and Linux platforms is planned. MusicTracker currently supports following players: Amarok, Rhythmbox, Audacious, XMMS, MPC/MPD, Exaile, Banshee, Quod Libet on Linux. Winamp, Windows Media Player (9+), iTunes, Foobar2000 (incomplete support) on Windows.

MusicTracker Features:

* Allows you to customize the status string with various fields extracted from your media player such as artist, album, track, duration, progress bar, etc.
* Works around Pidgin's lack of support for MSN status messages by using the nickname instead.
* Different status messages for various media player states such as Playing, Paused and Stopped.
* Supports per-account status format customization.
* Optional Profanity filter for words in the status.

via Lifehacker

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