March 31, 2008

SkypeAnime allows you personalize your Skype avatars with animated GIF images.

Because Skype doesn't natively support animated avatars, the program uses advanced methods - the program actually changes the Skype avatar to one frame of the selected GIF, over a period of time.

Download SkypeAnime (Mirror)

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March 30, 2008

AdiumBook - Synchronize Your Adium and Address Book Contacts
Adium is a free multi-protocol instant messaging client for Mac OS X. AdiumBook allows you search, manage and keep your contacts synchronized with your address book. AdiumBook comes with a simple intuitive interface: one single window. No preferences, no drawers, no tabs, no popup, no splash, no funky window resizing.

AdiumBook Features :

* Add Adium contacts to Address Book.
* Update card's information using Adium data.

* Find an Adium contact in Address Book.
* Find an Address Book contact in Adium.
* Full text search for both applications.

* Listing of contacts grouped by IM service.
* Contacts with no picture.
* Contacts present in Adium but not in Address Book.
* Contacts present in Address Book but not in Adium.


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March 29, 2008

Say2GoSay2Go allows you talk to someone over the Internet in a new exciting way. It resembles a push-to-talk. You just say your “instant message” instead of typing it. Your buddy receives it as BOTH voice AND text.

With Say2Go you can schedule sending your voice message to your buddy’s messenger at a predefined time/date, as a follow-up or even a reminder to yourself. The recognized text is stored in your history allowing you to search through past voice communication.

Say2Go Features:

- Ability to exchange voice messages which are preserved in your messenger’s history. Unlike e.g. MS VoiceClips, you have sufficient control over your message upon recording, such as ability to listen to it before sending, cancel it, or (soon) schedule it for sending at a later time/date or edit it.

- Say2GO smartly uses your PC’s speech recognition capability to recognize your voice messages into text which is sent over along with the voice, and both voice and text are preserved in history. The idea is to allow textual search over past voice communication. To be able to use this feature you’ll need speech recognition installed AND TRAINED on your Windows PC (Say2GO will prompt you if needed).

- A graphics-rich interface which differentiates us from other messengers

- More patent-pending features such as regulated business conferencing with speech-to-text recognition are coming. The business conferencing mode will also have a business style interface.

Say2Go Screenshots:

Say2Go Say2Go

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March 28, 2008

Static-Online Script
Static-Online is a Messenger Plus! Live script that lets you to personalize your personal message with many different elements (such as the date, number of contacts in a status, time until a certain date, etc...) and save your personal message to use them when you want.

This script also allows you to save a history of personal messages.

To run the script, you can type /static in a conversation window, or pull down the Plus! Scripts menu and navigate to the Static-Online script.


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March 27, 2008

Skype has released version of its client for Linux with video calling feature. The Mac and Windows versions of Skype have had this feature for some time now.

Skype for Linux for Linux Features :

* Free video call with anyone in your contact list.
* Group chat with up to 150 people.
* Conference call with up to 25 others.

Hardware requirements :

* 1 Ghz processor or faster
* 256 MB RAM.
* 20 MB free disk space on your hard drive.
* Microphone and speakers or headset.
* Internet connection (broadband is best, GPRS is not supported for voice calls, and results may vary on a satellite connection). .
* Video card driver with Xv support.

Software requirements :

* Qt 4.2.1+
* D-Bus 1.0.0
* libasound2 1.0.12

Download Skype for Linux

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March 26, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac Beta
With this new version of Yahoo! Messenger for Mac Beta, you can make free PC-to-PC calls or sign up for a Phone Out account to make calls from your Mac to regular or mobile phones worldwide for as low as 1¢ a minute (see rates). And if you want friends to be able to call you on your Mac from any phone, you can sign up for a Phone In account and choose a number.

Users can also enjoy two other handy features: free voicemail and call forwarding. If you're away from your Mac or signed out of Yahoo! Messenger, friends can leave you a voicemail which is then delivered as an email attachment to an address of your choice.

If you want to make sure you don't miss any calls, use the call forwarding feature to immediately send incoming calls to any regular or mobile phone number.

Download Yahoo! Messenger for Mac Beta

via Yahoo Messenger Blog

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March 25, 2008

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March 24, 2008

"Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. To help prevent infection by a computer virus or worm, never accept or open any file or link in an instant message until you verify its authenticity with the sender.

The first time I saw that warning message while trying to IM somebody, I thought to myself: "Awww how thoughtful of you Microsoft, looking out for me like that.." The second time it was more like "Yea man..I know". By the third time, I was looking desperately within the prefereences to turn that annoying message off..."
Continue reading : Remove that warning message within MSN Messenger on OSX

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March 23, 2008

Soashable is a new web-based multi-protocol messenger client. It currently supports AOL, MSN and Yahoo networks.

Soashable is a completely open-source (GPL) IM client, built on the Xmpp4Js (LGPL) XMPP library for Javascript. It communicates with an XMPP server using XEP-0124/XEP-0206 HTTP Binding, and provides end-user functionality comparable to Meebo (but is in no way affiliated with Meebo).

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March 22, 2008

Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324
Messenger Plus! Live team released a new version of their popular plugin for Windows Live Messenger which adds lots of features and extras that make your instant messenger easier, more useful or just tons more entertaining.

What's New in Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324 :

· You can now filter yourself out from event logging.
· Mobile Device chat windows are now fully supported by Messenger Plus!.
· Features like Quick Texts, commands, smart tags and previous message recall are now accessible the same way as they are in normal chat windows.
· Logging is fully functional.
· Mobile chat windows are now tabbed too. If you prefer keeping your mobile chats separated from one another, you can use the new TabMobileChatWnds registry setting.
· If too many Plus! notification popups try to be displayed on screen, Messenger Plus! queues the extra windows to be displayed later, when possible (so that notifications aren't displayed out of screen).
· WMA sounds can now be selected for event notifications.
· Read the full changelog

Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324

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March 21, 2008

EasyVoipRecorder - The Easiest Way to Record Your Skype, Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo ConversationsEasyVoipRecorder is a small software which allows you record VOIP clients conversations.

With this tool you can record and store MSN Live, Gtalk (Google Talk), Skype, Yahoo Messenger, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, VoipBuster, VoipBuster Pro, 12Voip, X-LITE 3.0, Globe7, VoipWise, VoipRaider, VoipDiscount , Net2phone, JustVoip, Freecall, Nonoh, SipDiscount, InternetCalls, WebCalldirect, PoivY and LowRateVoip conversations.

EasyVoipRecorder has a very simple interface and it's really easy to record, store, organize and share your voip calls.

EasyVoipRecorder Features :

EasyVoipRecorder - The Easiest Way to Record Your Skype, Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo Conversations* Records any kind of VoIP conversations (PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone conversations)
* No out of sync problem. Dual channel recording.
* Save your voice and your partner's voice in separated channels.
* Save VoIP records in WAV/OGG/MP3/SPEXX (Stereo/Mono)
* Easily convert your voip recordings into different formats.
* Easily search and play your recordings. Using the EasyVoipRecorder Dashboard.
* Share you conversation with your partners, friends and family. (Automatic Upload)
* Upload onto our website and post a link to share with your friends.
* Easy integration with your existing VoIP application.

Why do you need to record a Voip conversation?

* Convert a VoIP conversation into a podcast. (podcasting)
* Share your conversation with your friends or customers.
* Keep track of your business conversations.
* Keep your family conversations forever.
* Hear the conversation whenever you want.
* Index the conversation and take notes. Transcript the conversation for fast searching.

Download and Try EasyVoipRecorder

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March 20, 2008

Messenger Slideshow
Messenger Slideshow allows you customize your Windows Live Messenger picture.

Messenger Slideshow lets you use a random picture from your images folder, a screenshot from your desktop or the album art of the music you are currently listening as your Messenger picture.

Messenger Slideshow Features :

* Ability to use a random picture from your images folder.
* Ability to show a screenshot from your desktop.
* Ability to use the album art of the music you are currently listening (iTunes, Media Player or Winamp).
* Show song lyrics as your personal message.
* Uses Amazon and Google for album art and SeekLyrics for song lyrics.

Download Messenger Slideshow

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March 19, 2008

Yahoo! Avatar Joiner
With Yahoo! Avatar Joiner you can join 2 avatars (a small avatar and a large avatar).

All you need to do is to select the two images that you want to use. The result will be one image, but it will look different in Yahoo! Messenger at the contact list and at the instant message window.

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March 18, 2008

ICQ Toothpaste !

March 18, 2008

ICQ Toothpaste !
I wish I can tell it's an addon for ICQ, but it's not. The Israeli software company that developed ICQ before it was purchased by AOL has just partnered with a big Israeli pharmacy company called CTS to release this toothpaste and branded it with "ICQ". Really funny, isn't it ?

via Gizmodo

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Messenger TV
Users of Windows Live Messenger in France have a new Activity called Messenger TV. It brings Video to Windows Live Messenger. Messenger TV offers daily best videos of MSN Video France website. You can watch a video with your buddy at the same time.

If you are in France you can start the Messenger TV from within the conversation window, just like you do any other activity or from the tab. If you do not have this activity (not in France/passport not set to France), you can start it from the Messenger TV Website by clicking on the video thumbnails or on the big yellow button with the text "Mate Messenger TV avec un pote" on it.

If you are logged in on WLM the "Select a Contact" screen will appear so you can choose with whom you want to watch. Once your contact accepted, the activity will open.

The activity is in French, but it's usage is really simple. You don't even need understand French to use it. The clips can be in any language, not just French.


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March 16, 2008

"Facebook has been testing a new instant messaging service and will be launching it to the public soon, perhaps in the next week.

Our understanding is that the service will be built into user’s Facebook pages and allow them to web chat with their Facebook friends. We’ve also heard that, like Gtalk, it will be built on the Jabber open source platform, allowing users to add the service to many popular Instant messaging clients like Trillian (Windows) and Adium (Mac). I’d also expect web chat services like Meebo and eBuddy to add support for the service..."
Continue reading : Facebook To Launch Instant Messaging Service

Posted by Michael Arrington @ Techcrunch

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March 15, 2008

Stuffplug 3.5
Stuffplug team released a new version of their favorite addon. Stuffplug version 3.5 is now compatible with Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (not compatible with Windows Live Messenger 9 beta).

What's new on Stuffplug 3.5 :

* *loads* of bugfixes
* Complete User-Interface overhaul
* New feature: ProperColorize
* New feature: GroupBlock
* New feature: Security Speedup
* Updated feature: FakeInvite
* Updated feature: FriendlyName Editor (you can now enable and disable without restarting)
* Non-finished features are now in a user-accessible "Experimental" menu.
* Read other features

Download Stuffplug 3.5

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March 14, 2008

"Did you know that you can import contacts from your email address books in outlook, Outlook Express, MSN Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo!!

All you have to do is open your main Skype window and click on tools. Choose “Import Contacts”. When you click there you will be shown a window with options of email accounts. Check the box next to the email accounts that you have, and Skype will search these address books for anyone who signed up for Skype from those email addresses. This will take a while as they check all your address books..."
Continue reading : Importing contacts into Skype from your email address books

Posted @ Sales Funnel Secrets Blog

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March 13, 2008 Released Downloadable Multi-protocol IM Client for Windows is a web based multi-protocol IM client. It's browser based and free. Now Imo team released a downloadable version of their IM client. for Windows allows you IM and video chat with friends on AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo networks. This downloadable client lets you sign in automatically on startup and receive IM alerts when minimized.

Note that the application requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. If you don't have it, the installer will install it for you. It will take an extra 5 to 10 minutes.

Download for Windows

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March 12, 2008

"As Yahoo! Messenger gets older (we’re up to version 9.0 now!), so too do some of the “vintage” versions that are still in use by a few people. In an effort to provide the best experience for our users and maintain high security standards, we will officially retire Yahoo! Messenger 5.5 and 5.6 on April 2, 2008. This means that if you are currently using one of those versions, you will no longer be able to sign in and use it after April 1..."
Continue reading : We’re retiring versions 5.5 & 5.6

Posted by Sarah Bacon @ Yahoo! Messenger Blog

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March 11, 2008

MessengerLog Pro - Record MSN and Windows Live Messenger ChatsMessengerLog Pro allows you automatically log everything from Windows Messenger 4.x/5.x, MSN Messenger 6.x/7.x, and Windows Live Messenger, including instant messages, winks, emotion icons, hand writing, text font and colors, the online status of your contact, and all the activities like sent and received files, audio/video invitations in MSN/WLM Messenger.

MessengerLog has the ability such as working in an absolutely hiding mode like a spy, auto upload logs by email or FTP, suitable for parent controls, managing log efficiently and safely with our strong search engine and advanced encrypt method, automatically online updating, data time stamp etc. Additionally, MessengerLog Pro has ten color themes and reading mode.

MessengerLog Pro Features:

· Record MSN chat automatically and completely including:
Winks and hand writing
All contacts' online status displayed as icon
Instant messages and emotion icons
Text font and colors
The online status of contacts
Sent and received files activity
Audio/Video invitations and more...
· Multiple chat monitor engine, more powerful to record chat.
· Support record chat on non-Administrator Windows users and multi-users accounts chat at same time.
· Send chat log in rich text (RTF) format and encrypted and compressed in a single zip file. So you do not need install another MessengerLog to view the chat log send by email or FTP.
· Compatible with Messenger Plus!
· Compatible with Windows Messenger!
· Compatible with Windows Live Messenger!
· Automatic upload chat log by email or FTP. Support Email authorization. Support specify special port for FTP and Email connection.
· Monitor MSN chat secretly, not need to run the main program.
· Easy-to-use interface makes recording and monitoring simple.
· Suitable for parent control and other monitoring purpose.
· Suitable for your company to record custom supports which is provided via MSN messengers.
· Accessing and setting are all password protected.
· Save, search and edit log easily and efficiently.
· Set your favorite color. Ten color themes provided!*
· Exporting the rich text messages to a RTF file easily.
· Read messages for you.
· Import logs from previous version of MessengerLog series.
· Date time stamp
· FREE download and FREE to try for 30 days!
· FREE lifetime upgrade!
· FREE lifetime technical support via email in English!

Download MessengerLog Trial Version

MessengerLog Pro Screenshot:

MessengerLog Pro Screenshot

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March 10, 2008

Now Watching Plugin for WLM
Now Watching is a software that allows you share what you are watching on Youtube and other video websites with people on your Windows Live Messenger.

Now Watching addon currently supports Youtube, Google Video and Myspace TV.

Run Now Watching with Windows Live Messenger, watch videos on Youtube and other video sites. The name of the video will be displayed as a status message on your WLM client.

Download Now Watching

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March 09, 2008

WLM Khalid Edition v.5.5Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition is a new unofficial addon for Windows Live Messenger 8.5 that comes along with extra features and a wonderful skin. This client will offer you the possibility to personalize your instant messaging client even more.

Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition is adware and syware free. It works without having to install Windows Live Messenger, also it works even if you have Windows Live Messenger installed.

Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition Features:

· New Style with wonderful skin.
· Ability to Send any Extension for files.
· Ability to run multiple messengers.
· Multiline Nickname Support.
· Includes many of Messenger Utilities and Tools Programs.
· No Nude Protection.
· Ability to install it any where in your hardisk.
· Ability to send / receive more than 3 files at once!
· Standalone installer.

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March 07, 2008

Whizzper is a mobile IM client for Java supporting mobiles. It supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk networks.

Whizzper is free for the promotional trial period. You only pay for what it costs to navigate over the internet.

You must have a phone capable of running Java mobile applications and using an Internet connection. Most phones made since 2001 fulfill these requirements.



* CLDC 1.0/1.1 (Connected Limited Device Configuration)
* MIDP 1.0/2.0 (Mobile Information Device Profile)
* Maximum JAR size: 63 Kb
* Minimum HEAP Memory: 500 Kb

Data Network

* Internet APN configured

Whizzper Screenshots:

Whizzper Whizzper

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March 06, 2008

Open AIM 2.0"AOL is pushing their two year old OpenAim initiative much further this morning with OpenAIM 2.0.

There are three key changes of note. First they are now embracing services that they previously tried to stop - multiheaded clients and websites that allow users to access all of the major instant messaging platforms in one place. These are desktop services like Pidgin (open source), Adium (Mac) and Trillian (Windows). And web based services like Meebo and eBuddy. Today those services have to hack in to MSN, Yahoo and AOL services (Google Gtalk is open). Now AOL is giving them unfettered access, too..."
Continue reading : AOL Gets It Right With Open AIM 2.0 - Embraces Meebo and eBuddy

Posted by Michael Arrington @ Techcrunch

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March 05, 2008

Windows Beach Messenger Skin for WLM 8.5
Windows Beach Messenger is a full skin for Windows Live Messenger 8.5. In order to use this skin you may need to install Messenger Plus! Live plugin first.

Windows Beach Messenger Features:

- A menu with useful shortcuts.
- Contact card more useful.
- While you're logging in, you can select your status with only one click.
- Shortcuts in windows to change your status with only one click.
- Contacts' list can have tiny user tiles.
- You can select/copy the nick on top of conversation window and contact cards.
- Change display picture by clicking on your picture (contact list).
- Custom background of conversation window is for all window.
- Great effects.
- Options to customize the skin.

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March 04, 2008

"China's top search engine, Baidu, announced plans to launch their own instant messenger (IM) called "Baidu Hi."

Research and development for Baidu Hi has been underway for almost one year. Baidu is currently in the process of recruiting additional personnel for the team dedicated to developing the product. All elements of Baidu Hi, including product design, research and testing, will be handled independently by Baidu. Internal testing for this product is currently underway..."
Continue reading : Baidu Announces Plans for IM in China

Posted by Jeff @ BigBlueBall Forums

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March 03, 2008

PidginPidgin team released version 2.4.0 of their favorite multi-procotol instant messaging client.

Pidgin is free software and it supports following networks : AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MySpaceIM, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, Yahoo!, Zephyr.

Some changes on version 2.4.0:

o Added support for offline messages for AIM accounts (thanks to Matthew Goldstein)
o Fixed various problems with loss of status messages when going or returning from idle on MySpaceIM.
o Partial support for viewing ICQ status notes
o Support for /notice on IRC.
o Support for Yahoo! Messenger 7.0+ file transfer method
o Support for retrieving full names and addresses from the address book on Yahoo! Japan
o Input text area in conversation windows auto-resizes to fit more lines
o Fixed having multiple alias edit areas in the infopane (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
o Recently signed on (or off) buddies blink in the buddy list.
o The 'Grouping' plugin can be used for alternate grouping in the buddylist. The current options are 'Group Online/Offline' and 'No Group'.

Read the full changelog on

Download Pidgin

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March 02, 2008

USB Flexible Mini WebCam for IM
Brando's USB Mini Web Cam is designed for notebooks. You can bring it everywhere as it is portable. It has a flexible neck that can be aimed in any direction depending on what you want the person on the other end of the conversation to see.

USB Mini WebCam doesn't require any drivers to be installed when used under Windows XP/Vista and it's compatible with ICQ, WLM, Skype and other IM clients.

USB Mini WebCam Features:

# Lens rotation for adjusting clear image
# Video Conferencing
# Workable on ICQ, MSN, Skype, etc
# Plug and play
# USB Interface
# Fully support USB 1.0 and 2.0
# Drive free for Windows XP and Vista
# Size: 203 x 145 x 56mm (approx.)
# Weight: 49g

System Requirements:

# Windows XP SP2/Vista
# Pentium 450 MHz equivalent or above 256MB RAM

Buy USB Mini WebCam from Brando

via CoolGadgetsZone

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March 01, 2008

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