March 22, 2008

Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324
Messenger Plus! Live team released a new version of their popular plugin for Windows Live Messenger which adds lots of features and extras that make your instant messenger easier, more useful or just tons more entertaining.

What's New in Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324 :

· You can now filter yourself out from event logging.
· Mobile Device chat windows are now fully supported by Messenger Plus!.
· Features like Quick Texts, commands, smart tags and previous message recall are now accessible the same way as they are in normal chat windows.
· Logging is fully functional.
· Mobile chat windows are now tabbed too. If you prefer keeping your mobile chats separated from one another, you can use the new TabMobileChatWnds registry setting.
· If too many Plus! notification popups try to be displayed on screen, Messenger Plus! queues the extra windows to be displayed later, when possible (so that notifications aren't displayed out of screen).
· WMA sounds can now be selected for event notifications.
· Read the full changelog

Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.60.324

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