March 18, 2008

Messenger TV
Users of Windows Live Messenger in France have a new Activity called Messenger TV. It brings Video to Windows Live Messenger. Messenger TV offers daily best videos of MSN Video France website. You can watch a video with your buddy at the same time.

If you are in France you can start the Messenger TV from within the conversation window, just like you do any other activity or from the tab. If you do not have this activity (not in France/passport not set to France), you can start it from the Messenger TV Website by clicking on the video thumbnails or on the big yellow button with the text "Mate Messenger TV avec un pote" on it.

If you are logged in on WLM the "Select a Contact" screen will appear so you can choose with whom you want to watch. Once your contact accepted, the activity will open.

The activity is in French, but it's usage is really simple. You don't even need understand French to use it. The clips can be in any language, not just French.


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