March 29, 2008

Say2GoSay2Go allows you talk to someone over the Internet in a new exciting way. It resembles a push-to-talk. You just say your “instant message” instead of typing it. Your buddy receives it as BOTH voice AND text.

With Say2Go you can schedule sending your voice message to your buddy’s messenger at a predefined time/date, as a follow-up or even a reminder to yourself. The recognized text is stored in your history allowing you to search through past voice communication.

Say2Go Features:

- Ability to exchange voice messages which are preserved in your messenger’s history. Unlike e.g. MS VoiceClips, you have sufficient control over your message upon recording, such as ability to listen to it before sending, cancel it, or (soon) schedule it for sending at a later time/date or edit it.

- Say2GO smartly uses your PC’s speech recognition capability to recognize your voice messages into text which is sent over along with the voice, and both voice and text are preserved in history. The idea is to allow textual search over past voice communication. To be able to use this feature you’ll need speech recognition installed AND TRAINED on your Windows PC (Say2GO will prompt you if needed).

- A graphics-rich interface which differentiates us from other messengers

- More patent-pending features such as regulated business conferencing with speech-to-text recognition are coming. The business conferencing mode will also have a business style interface.

Say2Go Screenshots:

Say2Go Say2Go

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