March 09, 2008

WLM Khalid Edition v.5.5Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition is a new unofficial addon for Windows Live Messenger 8.5 that comes along with extra features and a wonderful skin. This client will offer you the possibility to personalize your instant messaging client even more.

Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition is adware and syware free. It works without having to install Windows Live Messenger, also it works even if you have Windows Live Messenger installed.

Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition Features:

· New Style with wonderful skin.
· Ability to Send any Extension for files.
· Ability to run multiple messengers.
· Multiline Nickname Support.
· Includes many of Messenger Utilities and Tools Programs.
· No Nude Protection.
· Ability to install it any where in your hardisk.
· Ability to send / receive more than 3 files at once!
· Standalone installer.

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