April 30, 2008

Skype Portable by Skynet

April 30, 2008

Skype Portable by Skynet
This custom portable Skype client is built by a Portuguese programmer Felipe Daldegan. You can carry it on your portable hard drive, usb memory or any other portable device.

The screenshot shows us that the client is in Portuguese but I don't know if it supports any other language.

System Requirements of Skype Portable by Skynet :

# Windows XP/2000/Vista (not known whether it is 100% compatible)
# DirectX 9 or higher (only for video calls)
# 1Ghz Processor, 256MB RAM, Webcam for video calls
# 800MHZ Processor, 256MB RAM for
# 50MB of disk space

Download Skype Portable from Skynet

via messenger.es

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April 29, 2008

How to Open Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar

"Like Google Talk, you can also run the Facebook Chat application from Firefox sidebar.

The advantages are that you need not open your Facebook homepage to see a list of friends that are online and second, you can talk with Facebook friends while reading any web page in Firefox.

firefox-sidebar To run the Facebook chat messenger from Firefox sidebar, press Ctrl+Shift+B to open the Bookmarks Organizer.

Now go to Organize -> New Bookmark and type the following address:


Also tick the check-box the says "Load this bookmark in the sidebar". You may save this under "Bookmarks Toolbar" so you can open Facebook chat window in a single click."
Continue reading : Put Facebook Chat in Firefox Sidebar & Talk from Any Web Page

Posted by Amit @ Digital Inspiration

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April 28, 2008

UVC is an online organizer and instant messaging suite. UVC will centralize all data so that shared tasks and calendars are possible between users. You can also use the audio/video module to have group conversations with your friends or co-workers.

This module is capable of traversing most firewalls and works with all cameras supporting video for Windows. UVC consists of an address book, task management system, online scheduler, instant messenger, and video conferencing module.

UVC Features :

# Messenger Module
# Calendar Module
# Tasks and Project Management Module
# Address Book Module
# Media Module

UVC Screenshots :

UVC - Instant Messenger, Online Organizer and Video Conference Suite UVC - Instant Messenger, Online Organizer and Video Conference Suite

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April 27, 2008

Official Facebook Chat Now Available"This week marks the launch of Facebook Chat—a new way for you to communicate with your friends in real-time. The Wall and Inbox have been the primary ways to communicate, but when more immediacy is necessary—for example when making plans for lunch in half an hour or arguing over a foul call in the NCAA tournament—they might not be enough. Chat aims to fill this gap.

We'll be rolling this out slowly going forward, but fairly soon you'll notice our new Chat bar at the bottom of your browser—no installation or assembly required. From this bar you can view your list of online friends and open conversations with any or all of them..."
Continue reading : Facebook Chat: Now We're Talking

Posted @ The Facebook Blog

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April 26, 2008

Skype for your mobile is a beta version of Skype that you can download on to your mobile. You don’t need to switch operators or get a specialised phone. The software is free – although there might be a small data charge from your operator if you download it straight to your mobile.

The java based mobile Skype client works on around 50 of the most popular Java-enabled mobile phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Skype for your Mobile Features:

* Works on almost 50 handsets, with a data plan.
* Costs just a little to make and receive calls.
* See when your contacts are online.
* Instant message or call them using Skype.
* Save on mobile calls to friends and family overseas.

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April 25, 2008

MSN Content Loader - Add Emoticons and Winks to MSN Live Messenger
MSN Content Loader allows you enhance your chatting experience by adding numerous emoticons or winks.

You can add some MSN objects such as winks, mcos, emoticons, backgrounds, smileys to your Windows Live Messenger using this tool easily.

This tool supports an event mechanism so that user can be aware of
whatever be performed.


· You can download 12 winks

Download MSN Content Loader

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April 24, 2008

Remove Ads and Backup Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta - Ad Destroy .NET
Ad Destroy .NET is a new patch for Yahoo Messener 9.0 beta.

Ad Destroy allows you remove registry based and static buddylist ads from all builds of Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Beta.

Other Features :

# Run multiple messenger instances
# Disable word filter
# Disable P2P
# Tabbed IM's
# Backup Yahoo Messenger
# Logging support

Ad Destroy requires .NET Framework 2.0 for XP users. Ad Destroy is full Vista compliant.

Download from homepage (Registration required)

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April 23, 2008

MSC Messenger for Windows

April 23, 2008

MSC MessengerMSC Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows you to chat with friends.

MSC Messenger has features like webcam and voice chat. You can use MSC with your friends and build your own network if you are not a fan of other popular IM clients like Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.

MSC Messenger Features:

1. WebCam
2. Text Chat private or public
3. Voice Chat
4. Winks (more than 124 winks are available)
5. Store message when you are offline
6. Nudge
7. SMS & MMS
8. Voice Mail
9. Show your and your buddy's pictures
10. Flash games
11. Blocking bad words

Download MSC Messenger

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April 22, 2008

IM Best Awards 2008 of About.com has been ended. Here are the winners :

1. About the IM Best Awards Survey
2. Best IM Experience - Yahoo! Messenger 9.0
3. Most Improved IM - Digsby
4. Best Mac Instant Messenger - Adium
5. Best Third-Party Instant Messenger - Digsby
6. Best IM Feature - Digsby
7. Developers of the Year - dotSyntax, LLC for Digsby

Read more on About.com

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April 21, 2008

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Now Supports Flickr Videos

"Last week, Flickr.com announced its new video feature, allowing Flickr Pro users to upload videos and share them online alongside their photos.

As a result, we added support for Flickr videos to the inline media player in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta. If you share a Flickr video link or a friend shares one with you, you can watch the video right in the IM window..."
Continue reading : Flickr videos supported in 9.0

Posted by Sarah Bacon @ Yahoo Messenger Blog

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April 20, 2008

MSN E-Fix 2 ScreenshotMSN E-Fix (Italian) designed to help fix the most common errors on MSN and Windows Live Messenger.

You can easily select error names from the list and click one button to fix them.

MSN E-Fix fix the following errors :

80072ee6, 80048820, 80048416, 81000314, 81000301, 81000306, 81000344, 80048412, 80004005, 800401f3, 81000378, 81000370, 800b0001, 80040111, 80048869, 81000362, 80040154, 8004840a, 80072ee7, 80048416, 8007002, 8004840F, 1601, 1635, 8e5e0152, 8100030d, 80070641, 8004888D, 800701f6, 8100030e

Download MSN E-Fix

April 19, 2008

Belkasoft Forensic IM AnalyzerBelkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer a tool for forensic professionals that eases their work on analysing Instant Messenger histories. You can easily extract your IM history into text, XML or HTML formats.

Search is supported - simple search by word or phrase and advanced search using file with suspect word or using regular expression which is very useful when searching a various word's forms or phrase with fuzzy structure.

The product can search installed messengers and history files on your computer as well as on mapped network drives (including Encase mapped drives). Thus you will find history files even in case you haven't installed messenger. It is possible to work with several histories at a time.

Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer Features:

· Support for ICQ (all versions from 97a to ICQ6), Microsoft MSN/LiveMessenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, MySpace IM, &RQ, Miranda, SIM, QIP and AIM (search history files only)
· Have not found Internet Messenger of interest? Contact us!
· No password required
· Search for installed IMs
· Intellectual search for history files in folders other than default IM history folders. Search can be performed on all computer's drives as well as on mapped network drives (including Encase mapped drives). Thus you will find history files even in case you haven't installed messengers.
· Export extracted history into various formats - text, HTML, XML. You can constrain export by a contacts and dates chosen
· Simple search through history and advanced search using file with a set of words to search. Experienced users can benefit from searching by regular expressions, which are great when searching for templates or phrases with fuzzy structure
· Found results can be exported to the text, HTML and XML file
· The work with multiple opened histories is supported (e.g. you can search through multiple histories)
· You can filter contacts by various criteria (by absence of history, by first letter, by several letters)

Download Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer

Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer Screenshots:

Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer

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April 18, 2008

MSN Repair 2
MSN Repair 2 (Italian) is a small utility developed by the Italian developer Valentino Marangi. It fixes problems and common errors in Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger. The user interface of MSN Repair is very simple. By clicking a single button you can fix 13 common errors in registry settings, program libraries and files that have been altered since installation of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.

MSN Repair can fix the following errors:

* Error 81000314
* Error 800b0001
* Error 81000370
* Error 80040111
* Error 800401f3
* Error 80048820
* Error 80048883
* Error 80072ee6
* Error 80072efd
* Unable to send / receive sounds (Plus)
* Incorporates Windows Messenger (version already installed on Windows)
* Not accessed but not by errors
* Unable to add contacts

Download MSN Repair 2

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April 17, 2008

Fring for iPhone
fring is a mobile internet service & community that enables you to access with your social networks on-the-go, make free calls and live chat with all your fring, Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo and AIM friends using your handset's internet connection rather than costly cellular airtime minutes.

A preview version of fring is now available for use on the iPhone. fring for iPhone allows you talk, chat and interact with other fring users and all of their online communities, using iPhone's WiFi connection.

Learn how to install fring for iPhone

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April 16, 2008

The Gilly Messenger application was designed to be a light version of Windows Live Messenger. Gilly Messenger has simple user interface like MSN Messenger 5 but has alot of useful features including Scripting capability, Remote Control, Chat Bot, Auto Message, Ignore contact etc.

Gilly Messenger Features:

· Multiline nicknames.
· Talk to people while they're blocked.
· Keep talking to people even after appear offline.
· Keep talking to people even after signing out.
· Open multi instances of GM.
· Search your contact list.
· Chat logger.
· Status logger.
· Text Styler (Word/Character replacement tool).
· Auto Message.
· Chat Bot.
· Unlimited Message length.
· No invite
· IM Window commands e.g cls, /block/ ignore e.t.c.
· New idle state (If GM is not used for 5 mins it will change your status to idle).
· New ignore option (Prevents people from sending you message).
· Easy to change nick and status.
· Block alert.
· Delete alert.
· Add alert.
· Choose status before signing-in.
· Store comments on contacts.
· Contact renaming (Custom Nick).
· Have a fake nick in conversation.
· Emoticon flood control.
· Message All option.
· MSN Messenger like interface.
· Get to know when someone opens your window.
· Get to know when someone closes yoru window.
· Contact statistics (last online time, last message time, last file transfer ip, e.t.c.).
· IM Encryption.
· Random IM Colors.
· Random IM Formatting.
· Contact list cleaner.
· Popup Filter.
· Sound Filter.
· Change file transfer port to bypass firewalls (Does not work from MSN to GM).
· Store password for multiple accounts.
· GM Display Pics (Only viewable to GM users).
· GM Remote Control (Control your PC using a command line interface through text messages).
· GM Scripting Engine (Code your Addons in extended scripting language of GM)

NOTE: Gilly Messenger comes with an optional Gilly Messenger Toolbar that you can install to block popups, search from your address bar or get lowest prices when you shop online.

Gilly Messenger Screenshots:

Gilly Messenger Gilly Messenger

Download Gilly Messenger

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April 15, 2008

Minicontacts for Windows Live Messenger allows you view your contacts in a 'low-res' contact list. It comes with a search feature and ability to replace the original contact list (set in preferences).

How to use Minicontacts:

- Make sure you have Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live installed.
- Download the script, open it, accept the warning and press Import.
- Click on the Messenger Plus! Scripts logo in your contact list.
- Click on MiniContacts and choose one of the options.

Download Minicontacts

via messenger.es

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April 14, 2008

Hello is a new tool from Picasa that allows you instantly send your pictures to your friends and talk about them.

When you use Hello, you get to see your photographs together with your friends online. You don’t have to wait for huge email attachments to download or upload your pictures to a public website. Just point at a picture and you can tell the person who sent it exactly what you think. With just one click, you can get the original high-quality, full-sized file to print.

When you use Hello and Picasa together, your received images will instantly appear in your Picasa folders.

Hello Screenshots:

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April 13, 2008

iChabber is a Gtalk/Jabber client with simple user interface for the iPod Touch and iPhone. iChabber runs in the background allowing you to be in the loop as long as you stay logged in.

Please note that iChabber is currently in alpha stages and there are some bugs.

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April 12, 2008

"In March 2008, we asked our readers to nominate their favorite instant messengers in six categories for our first ever IM Best Awards, a celebration of the best in the IM industry. After an overwhelming response, the nominations have finally been tabulated and the results are in!

In addition to a number of veteran instant messengers, this year’s list features many third-party clients, one even sweeping five out of six categories with six total nominations..."
Continue reading : IM Best Awards 2008 - Vote for Your Favorite Instant Messengers

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April 11, 2008

Youtube Info is a Messenger Plus! Live script which allows you retrieve Youtube link's titles, check your Youtube account for new events, download Youtube videos.

Youtube Info Features:

-Check your Youtube account for new friend invites, messages, and received videos.
-Opens a url in a compact window so you don't have to go to Youtube to directly watch the video.
-Can download Youtube Videos
-Can set your display pic as a video's thumbnail
-Can send a Shared Search for videos on Youtube
-Automatically checks your account for new events like a received message

You need to install Messenger Plus! Live script and FLV Player for video playback

Download Youtube Info

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April 10, 2008

Yugma Skype Edition - Team Collaboration Plugin for Skype
Yugma is the easy free team collaboration tool.

Yugma Team Collaboration for Skype plugin lets you connect with up to 10 other people for free. You can upgrade any time to host meetings with up to 500 other people. Typical uses include collaboration with offsite team members, virtual presentations, webinars, streamline workflow, remote tech support, customer service, elearning, study groups, tutoring sessions, and much more.

Yugma Skype Edition Features :

> Free unlimited always-on collaboration, any time
> Dead-simple desktop and application sharing
> Collaborate easily and “on-the-fly” in any application
> Mouse and keyboard sharing (co-edit, co-browse, remote support)
> Easy whiteboard & annotation tools
> Schedule sessions (Outlook and webmail compatible)
> Built-in file sharing ("virtual workspace")
> Embed customizable Yugma widget buttons anywhere
> Secure and reliable

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April 09, 2008

"This evening I decided to play with a really kewl new app called Fluid. What this app does is allow you to create Site Specific Browsers. One of the first usages which popped into mind was a product I helped develop, Yahoo! Web Messenger. An annoyance of mine with it is that it had to live in a browser tab, something prone to getting closed accidentally, and also didn’t have any decent notifications of new messages when not in focus. Being the perfect candidate for Fluid, IMHO, I set out to give it a shot. In less than an hours time I built a pretty kewl demo and here’s how you can use it too.

Read on for a howto and example video..."

Continue reading : Yahoo! Web Messenger Meets Fluid.app

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April 08, 2008

Facebook Chat Launches

April 08, 2008

Facebook Chat Launches"We’ve received word that Facebook has released its much anticipated chat/IM application to a few unspecified networks. The “pre-launch beta”, as Facebook is calling it, started sometime last night.
The only thing new that we’ve learned is that Facebook Chat will incorporate mini-feed stories into IM conversations. If you’re chatting with someone and they do something to your profile, like post a message on your wall, you will get a notification into your chat window with them..."
Continue reading : Facebook Chat Launches, For Some

Posted by Mark Hendrickson @ Techcrunh

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Wall-E Skin for Windows Live Messenger 8.1, 8.5 & 9.0 beta 1
Wall-E is a new animation movie by Disney and Pixar which features a robot named Wall-E. This skin is based on the Wall-E movie and comes with a series of settings to make your Messenger experience more unique.

Wall-E Skin requires Messenger Plus! Live plugin to use.

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April 07, 2008

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April 06, 2008

"On Tuesday we asked for your favorite instant messaging applications, and over 550 comments later, we've culled it down to the most popular five. From web-based chat to desktop clients to tools that combine IM, email, and social networking, your nominations spanned a wide range of instant messaging applications. Let's take a closer look at the five most voted-for apps, and face them off against each other in a final showdown to crown the ultimate favorite..."
Continue reading : Five Best Instant Messengers

Posted by Adam PashLifehacker

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April 05, 2008

Google Talk Labs Edition
Google Talk Labs Edition is an experimental version of the Gtalk client. It has many of the same features as the Google Talk Gadget, including instant messaging, emoticons, and group chat. Some features like voice calling and file transfer from the Google Talk client did not make it into this version.

Google Talk Labs Edition also comes with new desktop notifications from Calendar, Orkut, and Gmail.

Currently, Google Talk Labs Edition is only available for Windows PCs.

Download Google Talk Labs Edition

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April 04, 2008

"...In honor of Earth Day (3 weeks from today: April 22, 2008), on that day our Google Talk servers will start automatically sending your conversations using IM-speak instead of normal words. But you can help save some computing power (and more wasted energy!) by shortening your conversations yourself.

We know you'll all want to practice your IM-speak, so we're helping by introducing a new translation bot, en2im@bot.talk.google.com, which will translate your conversations into IM-speak, to help you get used to the new lingo.
For example, if we want to say:
As far as I'm concerned, you can give me the twenty dollars you owe me when I see you later.

You could save more than 50% in wasted characters by saying:
AFAIC, U can gve me the 20 $$ YOM whn I CUL8R."
Continue reading : Google Talk goes green

Posted by Brian Hutchins @ Google Talk Blog

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April 03, 2008

Google Translator Script
Google Translator is a Messenger Plus! Live script which allows you simply translate what you wrote in your chat window when you press the F5 key. You can translate in every language available at Google Translation services page.

Press F7 to setup
Press F8 to show incoming message translation
Press F5 to translate your message

via messenger.es

You need to install Messenger Plus! Live plugin in order to use Google Translator script.

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April 02, 2008

How To Change Skins in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0
When you choose a new skin it changes the design of the headers of your contact list as well as your IM conversation window (and adds some accents in other areas). There are currently 7 skins to choose from in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0.

To change your skin in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0, click the gold dot up near the top of the contact list window. It’s located near the minimize / mazimize / close buttons. Once the skin menu appears, hover your mouse on a skin to view it, then click to select it.

via Yahoo Messenger Blog

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