April 16, 2008

The Gilly Messenger application was designed to be a light version of Windows Live Messenger. Gilly Messenger has simple user interface like MSN Messenger 5 but has alot of useful features including Scripting capability, Remote Control, Chat Bot, Auto Message, Ignore contact etc.

Gilly Messenger Features:

· Multiline nicknames.
· Talk to people while they're blocked.
· Keep talking to people even after appear offline.
· Keep talking to people even after signing out.
· Open multi instances of GM.
· Search your contact list.
· Chat logger.
· Status logger.
· Text Styler (Word/Character replacement tool).
· Auto Message.
· Chat Bot.
· Unlimited Message length.
· No invite
· IM Window commands e.g cls, /block/ ignore e.t.c.
· New idle state (If GM is not used for 5 mins it will change your status to idle).
· New ignore option (Prevents people from sending you message).
· Easy to change nick and status.
· Block alert.
· Delete alert.
· Add alert.
· Choose status before signing-in.
· Store comments on contacts.
· Contact renaming (Custom Nick).
· Have a fake nick in conversation.
· Emoticon flood control.
· Message All option.
· MSN Messenger like interface.
· Get to know when someone opens your window.
· Get to know when someone closes yoru window.
· Contact statistics (last online time, last message time, last file transfer ip, e.t.c.).
· IM Encryption.
· Random IM Colors.
· Random IM Formatting.
· Contact list cleaner.
· Popup Filter.
· Sound Filter.
· Change file transfer port to bypass firewalls (Does not work from MSN to GM).
· Store password for multiple accounts.
· GM Display Pics (Only viewable to GM users).
· GM Remote Control (Control your PC using a command line interface through text messages).
· GM Scripting Engine (Code your Addons in extended scripting language of GM)

NOTE: Gilly Messenger comes with an optional Gilly Messenger Toolbar that you can install to block popups, search from your address bar or get lowest prices when you shop online.

Gilly Messenger Screenshots:

Gilly Messenger Gilly Messenger

Download Gilly Messenger

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