May 31, 2008

Yahoo! Status Multichecker
Yahoo! Status Multichecker allows you check the status of your Yahoo! Messenger contacts. It can show you whether a user is online, offline or invisible in Yahoo Messenger.

After visiting Yahoo! Status Multichecker homepage, click on the "Type here your friend\'s ID" field, type your contact's Yahoo ID and hit enter.

May 30, 2008

"Skype has partnered with Jaman, an internet movie service, to provide users with thousands of embeddable film scenes that can be added to their chats, profiles, and “mood messages”. The service is still in development, and Skype plans to have it available within the next couple of months.

Jaman’s licensed collection consists almost entirely of independent and foreign films, which will appeal to Skype’s international audience but may put off its American users. "
Continue reading : Skype Adds Movies to the Conversation With Jaman

Freeport VM - Record Webcam Videos and Share InstantlyFreeport VM allows you record videos with your webcam and send them to your friends easily. From there, an e-mail containing a link to your message will be send to each recipient.

Once the recipient receives your message, they can click on the link provided to watch your message. To ensure your privacy your message can only be viewed by someone with the link.

Freeport VM enables you to communicate with your friends in a more natural manner and still retain the optimal qualities of e-mail.

Freeport VM Requirements:

· .NET 2.0 framework
· Pentium IV, 1.4 GHz or higher
· 256MB RAM
· Supported Webcam
· Broadband internet connection
· Windows Media Player 9.0 or better

May 29, 2008

Make Your WLM Emoticons with IMBoosterIMinent launchea a new feature: Make your Emoticons, create your own personalized emoticons.

After the possibility of creating Winks IMBooster offer you, now you can create from your webcam or from an picture (animated or not).

With just a webcam, users can quickly capture original content, after which they can send their “emoticonizations” to their entire list of Messenger contacts. You can also create your own emoticons from pictures that are already on you computer.

For the moment, Emoticons only work with Windows Live Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger Tweaker
Yahoo! Messenger Tweaker allows you customize your messenger's settings and restore your configuration easily.

Yahoo Messenger Tweaker Features :

· Enable multiple instances
· Remove Ads
· Enable tabs
· Fix (cannot see what I type)
· Save password for ID
· Rename titlebar
· Change login animation
· Clear status messages
· Grab user avatar

Download Yahoo! Messenger Tweaker

May 28, 2008

How to Manually Block Ads on Windows Live Messenger There are many plugins and patchs which allows you remove ads from Windows Live Messenger completely. If you don't want to install any of these plugins there is an easy way to block all ads served on WLM.

Follow these steps :

  1. Click Start button on Windows
  2. Go to Control Panel –> Internet Options
  3. Click on the security tab and click on ’Sites’ under restricted sites.
  4. Add the url “” and those ads will never be shown again. is msn's ad server. Blocking access to this site will block all ads from the msn websites and most of the other sites that they own.

Please note that this method don't remove ads completely. You'll see a white blank space instead of ads. Sometimes it is a video, but you can block that using the same method.

via Blog

May 27, 2008

Most of instant messengers have the text formatting feature to change your text font, colour and to make it bold, underline or italicized. But this feature is a missing in Google Talk for some reason.

Haris from SizzledCore accidentally found a way to type in bold in Google Talk :

You Will Write:

Google Talk bold


Google Talk bold

If you want to type any word, phrase or a sentence in bold; type your words between two asterisk (*) signs like : *Hello World*

May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Skin
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a Messenger Plus! Live skin that will totally transform Windows Live Messenger into a unique design which suits the world of Indiana Jones. You need Messenger Plus! Live to be installed on your computer in order to use this skin.

Download Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Skin


May 25, 2008

Y! Detector - Detect Invisible Users in Yahoo! MessengerY! Detector is yet another online service which help you to detect the status of Yahoo! Messenger users: online, offline or invisible mode.

You can detect invisible Yahoo! IDs easily with following only 2 steps:

1. Enter your friend’s yahoo ID
2: Click on magnifier.

Wait a few seconds, you will see the status of that ID.

May 24, 2008

Creates Google Talk Chatback Badges in New Styles.
Google Talk team recently added the ability to create Google Talk chatback badges in several new styles. These options are available by clicking on the "Styles" drop down menu when creating a chatback badge. Examples of the new types of formats can be seen on the picture above.

The two borderless versions of the badge make it easier to fit into your page and customize the appearance as you like. You can just paste the code where you want the link to appear. If you want to further tweak the appearance, you can add some style parameters: Add fontfamily and fontsize to choose a specific font or size, and textcolor and linkcolor to set the colors using a hexadecimal RRGGBB value. You can add these parameters to either the new badge URL or to the iframe's src URL in the generated HTML. You can also use the h and w parameters to specify the height or width of the badge.
Continue reading : New chatback styles

May 23, 2008

"Say the word “Beta” to a computer user and you might not get the last syllable out because they’ll already be running away at breakneck speed. Understandably, a lot of users avoid upgrading to stick with what they have, especially if it’s working fine.

I’ve been using Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta since it launched in October of last year and it’s been great. Yes, it has its “moments” like any Beta software, but overall it’s very stable. So I thought I would share my favorite things about this new version which might encourage you to give it a try too..."
Continue reading : Five reasons to try 9.0 Beta

Posted @ Yahoo Messenger Blog

May 22, 2008

IM-Translate is an intuitive machine-based language translator for Windows Live Messenger. IM-Translate uses patent pending technology to conjugate verbs, interpret instant message jargon, and perform sentence analysis to render an accurate translation.

IM Translate Features :

· Immediate translation of instant messages.
· You do nothing differently — IM-Translate integrates seamlessly into your existing IM application — just type as usual.
· Forget copy, pasting or jumping back and forth to a web-based translator.
· Your buddy receives your message plus a translation — instantly.
· You see the translation of the text you typed.
· You also receive your buddy’s messages in both languages.
· Chat with buddies who aren’t fluent in your language
· Maintain friendships and family ties all over the world
· Perfect foreign language skills and chat with pen pals
· Make travel arrangements in foreign countries
· Communicate with confidence

Download IM-Translate

IM Translate Screenshot :

May 21, 2008

"The recently launched Facebook Chat has made waves, mainly because Facebook has so many users, and it automatically appears without requiring a software download or installation of a widget. Now there are reports that Facebook is working on extending Facebook Chat with Jabber/XMPP support.

What do this mean to you? Well, the upside is that it will be easier for third-party developers to integrate their instant messaging program with Facebook Chat. For example, you could soon use AIM or Google Talk to see and chat with your Facebook contacts. Conversely, adding Jabber/XMPP support to Facebook Chat may also allow the reverse; you could potentially contact your friends on Google Chat (as one example) from Facebook Chat..."
Continue reading : Facebook Chat to add Jabber/XMPP support

May 20, 2008

Fake Google Talk Application With A Trojan!

As reported on Spywareguide Blog there are a fake Google Talk client in circulation.

As you can see on the screenshot above there is many visual differences between the real and fake client. The program doesn't connect to the Internet for this attack to be successful, hacker needs physical access to a PC that lots of people use. Could be a workplace PC, could be in a school, library, Net Cafe - anywhere where it's possible to run an executable file then retreat to a safe distance while the potential victim sits down and thinks "Just need to check something on IM...".

After the victim enters their login details into the application, the fake tool shows a fake error message and stores all login details in a text file. The attacker only has to sit down and browse to the C Drive where they'll see these login details.

May 19, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Skin for Windows Live Messenger 8.5
Grand Theft Auto IV Skin is Messenger Plus! Live skin and it's based on the popular GTA:IV Game on the 360 and PS3.

This skin works only with Messenger Plus! Live plugin and Windows Live Messenger 8.5.

Download Grand Theft Auto IV Skin for Windows Live Messenger 8.5


May 18, 2008

Chat Live With Users On Your Website - CoffeeCup Live ChatCoffeeCup Live Chat allows your visitors chat with you in real time by just clicking on a chat link from your site.

CoffeeCup has a built-in wizard so you don't need to know Flash or HTML to have Live chat on your Website. You just upload and add the link to your site to start chatting.

When you have the program open your visitors will chime in when they want to chat. If you close the program they will receive a message that you are currently not available.

CoffeeCup Live Chat Features :

· The chat interface is built-in to the software.
· You can chat with multiple visitors at the same time.
· Use the WYSIWYG Drag and Drop interface to customize the look and feel of your Chat window.
· No need to use another program to upload your files, there is a FTP client built right into the program.
· Use the program so answer customers questions immediately, no need to wait for e-mail any longer.
· Built in Wizard for easy installation
· Uses Flash, PHP and XML
· Easily setup your Live Chat with the built-in wizard.
· No need to know any HTML
· High Quality XP Graphics Included
· The help file provides instruction on how to get started with your very own Live Chat.
· Built in FTP to Upload Your Live Chat
· Add background Images and sounds
· Supports unlimited number of users
· Built-In Preview to Test Your Live Chat
· Chat with an unlimited number of users at once
· Free Support & Free Upgrades for Life
· Customize the Welcome message to target your customer base.
· The program automatically sends a transcript of the chat to users who enter their e-mail address when logging into your chat.
· Customize the design scheme of the chat console to match your site.
· Uses a combination of Flash, PHP and XML.
· Use emoticons in your chats to show a little emotion it makes them feel a little less plastic.
· No need to enter your server information again if you have any of our recent Flash based software, it will already be in the program.

Watch Live Chat in Action

Download CoffeeCup Live Chat Trial Version

CoffeeCup Live Chat Screenshots :

CoffeeCup Live Chat Screenshots CoffeeCup Live Chat Screenshots

May 17, 2008

Messenger TV - Watch MSN Videos Together With Your Friends on WLM
Messenger TV allows you watch MSN Videos together with your friend on Windows Live Messenger.

By adding Messenger TV acivitiy to your Messenger client you'll able to share your favorite video with your buddies on your contact list.

You can start sharing your video by following these steps :

- Sign-in to Windows Live Messenger and start chatting with a friend you would like to watch videos with.

- Click on the 'Activities' menu button on the toolbar above the chat window. Select 'Messenger TV' to send an invite to your friend.


May 16, 2008

Window Live Messenger List of John Locke from LOST
If you're a fan of the series LOST, you will surely like this screenshot of John Locke's MSN Messenger window.

We all know he loves the island and it seems like an internet connection for MSN is one of his reasons to stay

Did you notice on first look that Jack is blocked on his list ? :)


SpotMSN - Recover (MSN) Windows Live Messenger Passwords
SpotMSN is a password recovery tool that is used to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your MSN messenger and Windows Live Messenger clients. It allows you instantly crack and decrypt your passwords saved on your computer.

SpotMSN is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista only. You can try it for free for 15 day or buy a full version for $14.50.

May 15, 2008

Sony has finally announced the release of the PSP headset for Skype with a remote control. The headset is currently available at Amazon for $28.99.

Sony PSP Headset Features :

* Talk all you want with Skype on PSP
* The PSP is now a social connectivity device
* Calls to other Skype users are free
* Skype Credit is required for calls to landlines or calls received from landlines
* Compatible with PSP-2000 systems only and requires PSP headset with remote control

Sony PSP Headset Screenshots :

Sony PSP Headset Screenshots Sony PSP Headset Screenshots

May 14, 2008

Emoticats - New Emoticons for Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger team launched a new IMVironment this week called "Emoticats".

You can play with the Emoticats by clicking the IMVironment button in your IM window during a conversation. Look for the "Emoticats" listing in the menu.

Once the IMVironment is running, you can use your mouse to browse through the Emoticats gallery that displays portraits of cats in various behaviors bouble click on the cat's portrait and then click the "Insert" button to send the animated emoticat to your friend. There’s also a small Emoticats menu in the lower left corner of the IMV window.

Read more on Yahoo! Messenger Blog

May 13, 2008

As published on Torsten Curdt’s weblog you can use IRC style commands on Skype chat windows.

Here is a list of commands which you can use on Skype :

/add [skypename]
/topic [new topic]
/get creator
/get role
/whois [skypename]
/setrole [skypename] MASTER|HELPER|USER|LISTENER
/kick [skypename]
/kickban [skypename]
/get guidelines
/set guidelines [text]
/get options [text]
/set options [[+|-]flag] …
/setpassword [password] [password hint]
/get password_hint
/set password_hint [text]
/set password [text]
/get banlist
/get allowlist
/set banlist [[+|-]mask] …
/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] …
/alertson [text to match]
/call [skypename[,skypename,...]]

May 12, 2008

Funpidgin - Custom Pidgin Client With Additional Features
Funpidgin is a customized version of the popular open source client Pidgin which allows instant messaging with over twenty different protocols.

In addition of the original Pidgin features, FunPidgin offers :

# "Entry area manual sizing" a plugin by Artemy Kapitula that allows manual resizing of the entry area.
# An option to set the size of the buddy icons displayed in the chat window.
# An option to let the window manager place new windows.
# Two different ways of seeing that your buddies are typing.
# An optional send button for Tablet PC users.

Download Funpidgin

May 11, 2008

Wii Messenger Skin for Windows Live Messenger 8.5
Wii Messenger is a Windows Live Messenger skin based on the popular game console Nintendo Wii. You can change the color of the skin with the colorize function.

You will also need Messenger Plus! Live to use this skin.

Download Wii Messenger Skin


May 10, 2008

Video2Webcam allows you play video clips during video chat even without a real webcam.

Video2Webcam is compatible with popular IM clients like WLM, Camfrog, Skype, ICQ, AIM, Paltalk, Yahoo Messenger etc...

Video2Webcam Features :

Show video clips during video chat
You could either share your home made videos with your family or make fun of your friends by pretending to be somebody else.
Work even without a real webcam
Play a variety of videos on messengers no matter whether you have a real webcam or not.
Support all kinds of media file formats
Include video formats (avi, asf, flv, mp4,mpeg, mpg, ram, rm, rmvb, wmv and etc.) and picture formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png and etc.).

May 09, 2008

WLMini Music Player
WLMini Music Player is Messenger Plus! Live Script. It allows you play your MP3 and WMA files without opening your default media player (Requires ActiveX to be enabled).

You need to have Messenger Plus! plugin installed to use WLMini Music script.

Download WLMini Music Player


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May 08, 2008

Jbuddy Bot Builder - Create Instant Messaging Bots Easily
JBuddy Bot Builder is an integrated development environment (IDE) designed to make developing, testing and deploying interactive Instant Messagin Bots and Text Messaging applications simple and easy.

JBuddy Bot Builder is built on top of the JBuddy Bot Framework and JBuddy SDK.

Jbuddy Bot Builder Features :

* IDE for rapid bot development, testing, and deployment cycles
* WYSIWYG test chat windows for local online and offline testing
* Cross Platform (Windows Vista, XP, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc)
* Built on top of the JBuddy Bot Framework 2.0
* Leverages the IM capabilities of the JBuddy SDK 6.1
* Free 3 concurrent chat session license perfect for prototypes and occassional use

Download Jbuddy Bot Builder

May 07, 2008

"Instan-T is a Multi-Client Messenger program integrating Yahoo, WLM, AOL, Google Talk and ICQ Clients. Version 5.0 can be downloaded from the Instan-T website.

Install was easy and quick. And registering as a new user was painless enough. My contacts for all the supported clients was simple as well. I don't have ICQ but AOL/ICQ were listed together. I imported AOL/Yahoo/WLM and Google Talk contacts. I was able to show all or only online contacts which was nice, and you can keep them grouped by client or disassociate them. You can also broadcast your cam as your display pic if you choose to do so. There are however only two current skins to choose from. One slightly interesting feature is the notification sounds. They are either on or off, but they are definitely different - I won't ruin the surprise on that one..."
Continue reading : Instan-T Multi-Client Messenger Review

Posted by patndoris @ BigBlueBall Forums

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May 06, 2008

Messenger for Mac 7 Available for Download
The official Windows Live Messenger client for Macs has finally been released by Microsoft team. This official release is built for corporate Mac users on Office Communications Server 2007.

The main improvement on this release is the introduction of audio and video chats. The audio and video features require your network to be running Office Communications Server, but chats can be made to people on other networks using OCS and even to Windows users running Office Communicator. Regular home users of Messenger for Mac 7 will not able to use this new video and audio features.

Find out more about Messenger for Mac

Download Messenger for Mac 7


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May 05, 2008

Iron Man Skin for Windows Live Messenger 8.5
Iron Man Skin is Messenger Plus! Live skin and it's based on the Iron Man movie that was released in cinemas lately.

This skin works only with Messenger Plus! Live and Windows Live Messenger 8.5.

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May 04, 2008

Digsby Adds Facebook Chat Support
Digsby is a newcomer multi-protocol IM client. It allows you connect AIM, WLM, Yahoo, and Google Talk.

The new version of Digsby now supports Facebook Chat. This initial release includes all the basics - messaging, buddy icons, status, and status messages.

Facebook Chat is completely separate from the social network support (Facebook and Myspace) Digsby currently provide for Facebook so you need to add your Facebook account to the IM accounts list.

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May 03, 2008

Windows Live Messenger Application for Facebook
Windows Live Messenger application allows you connect your run WLM on Facebook. You can show your online status and allow people to contact you from your Facebook profile.

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May 02, 2008

"Yakety Yak! Today we’re releasing an all-new voice-enabled Beta version of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. We have included the voice and SMS features our users have been requesting, an all-new Voice Visualization feature, and lots of improvements to help improve overall speed and stability.

You can now make free PC-to-PC calls to other Yahoo! Messenger friends, or if you have a Phone Out account, make low-cost calls to landlines and mobile phones for as low as 1¢ a minute (see rates). Our new voice features also include fun Voice Visualizations that animate you and your friend’s voices while you’re on a call. Be sure to check out the demo video below to see how it works..."
Continue Reading : Yahoo! Messenger for Vista adds Voice and SMS!

Download Yahoo Messenger for Vista Beta

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May 01, 2008 is a tool that you can use to check up on your buddies. It shows you if the user is online, offline, invisible, it's avatar and also if it's the main id. works no matter what type of Yahoo Messenger client your friend uses. So you will be able to see if your buddy is online no matter that he/she is using official Yaho Messenger or other type of multi-protocol or web-based clients.

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