May 22, 2008

IM-Translate is an intuitive machine-based language translator for Windows Live Messenger. IM-Translate uses patent pending technology to conjugate verbs, interpret instant message jargon, and perform sentence analysis to render an accurate translation.

IM Translate Features :

· Immediate translation of instant messages.
· You do nothing differently — IM-Translate integrates seamlessly into your existing IM application — just type as usual.
· Forget copy, pasting or jumping back and forth to a web-based translator.
· Your buddy receives your message plus a translation — instantly.
· You see the translation of the text you typed.
· You also receive your buddy’s messages in both languages.
· Chat with buddies who aren’t fluent in your language
· Maintain friendships and family ties all over the world
· Perfect foreign language skills and chat with pen pals
· Make travel arrangements in foreign countries
· Communicate with confidence

Download IM-Translate

IM Translate Screenshot :

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