June 10, 2008

Dexrex - Store Your IM History OnlineDexrex is a secure online personal database for IM conversation. With Dexrex you can archive instant messages and search through them, share them, and access them at any time from any computer with an internet connection.

Once you downloaded Dexrex on your computer it syncs with Dexrex servers to store your instant messages safely and securely. These saved messages are then easily accessible, searchable and browseable from any internet enabled device. Dexrex is totally free.

Dexrex currently support following networks :

# Aim
# Aim Lite
# Aim Pro
# Windows Live Messenger
# Skype
# Yahoo Messenger
# Pidgin*
# Trillian*
# Digsby*
# Miranda*
# Instantbird*
# Meca

Dexrex Features :

* Store all of your IMs and SMS texts
* Keep them safely in an online account

Search and Analyze
* Find links, phone numbers, or anything
* Learn more about your network

Share and Comment
* Extend information to your network
* Expand the conversation with comments

Dexrex signs in with your existing IM account. Validate your account once, and then you'll able to use Dexrex immediately.

Start using Dexrex

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