June 07, 2008

After installing Windows Live Messenger, you see a new shortcut called "My Sharing Folders" in My Computer.

"My Sharing Folders" allows you share files with your friends on Windows Live Messenger. You cannot removethis shortcut by pressing right click and select "delete". If you don't want to use this feature anymore there is a simple registry hack for that :

How to Remove My Sharing Folders from My Computer

  1. Open Windows Registry Editor (Press Start button, select Run, type regedit, hit enter)
  2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
  3. Delete the following key : {FC9FB64A-1EB2-4CCF-AF5E-1A497A9B5C2D}

That's it. You'll not see this shortcut anymore. This trick doesn't remove My Sharing Folders completely, it only deletes the shortcut. The main folder is located under C:\Documents and Settings\DENIZ\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger\ YOUREMAIL\Sharing Folders\ on Windows XP (Sorry, I don't know the exact location on other operation systems).

If you're not familiar with the Registry Editor and if you still want you remove this shorcut, HowToGeek already created a downloadable registry file which you can install by a simple doubleclick.

via messenger.es

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