July 03, 2008

AyttmAyttm is a chat client that provides all-in-one chat functionality for several major instant messaging services from one simple program. Ayttm "Contacts" allows you to refer to several accounts of the same person from a single contact name.Ayttm is developed primarily for Linux but it is also available on BSD and Windows NT/2000 platforms.

Ayttm IM Features :

· Yahoo· MSN Messenger
· Jabber support (including SSL)
· IRC (Internet Relay Chat) support
· ICQ support
· AIM-TOC (AOL Instant Messenger)
· SMTP (for sending emails)
· File Transfers to/from MSN andYahoo users, and receive only from AIM users
· Group Chat (Conferences) with AIM, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo users· MSN's Netmeeting integration, using GnomeMeeting
· Yahoo Webcam viewing support

Ayttm Core Features :

· Protocol Transparency - one buddy, one chat window, multiple accounts on multiple IM systems
· Tabbed chat, with color alerts for new messages
· Themable smiley graphics
· Tooltips to track people's status
· Conversation and group-chat logging
· File Transfer between Ayttm clients (with any protocol)
· Away mode and other status indicators
· Play sounds (with esd and artsd support)
· Asynchronous connections
· Support for multiple accounts on the same service for almost every service
· Auto-join to chatrooms· Chat logs export
· Server-side userlist and groups management

Ayttm Utilities:

· Automatic translation using Babelfish
· Automatic conversion to L33t-speak
· Importing of everybuddy, gnomeicu, gaim, and Licq buddy lists
· Keep notes on Contacts
· Rainbow colors in messages
· Digital signature and encrpytion plugin using GPG - compatible with kopete
· Typing notifications for MSN, Yahoo and Jabber· Spell checker

Download Ayttm for Windows from Softpedia

Ayttm Screenshots:

Ayttm Screenshots Ayttm Screenshots

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