July 22, 2008

With Easy PC Texting you just need a cell phone capable of connecting to your desktop or laptop computer via Bluetooth, Ifrared or direct data cable connection. Once your cell phone is connected, you can chat via SMS with a IM client interface on your PC.

Easy PC Texting Features :

· Start SMS chat with one or more participants.
· Take notes, shopping lists, directions onto your cell phone in a snap.
· Search the Internet via free SMS service providers like Google Mobile (no internet connection is needed).
· Tabbed chat windows to maintain several active SMS conversations
· Support for multiple chat participants
· Unlimited message length
· Multilingual (Unicode) SMS support
· Secured access and message history encryption
· Selection of beautiful user interface skins
· Built-in spell-checker
· Quick address book access
· Quick message history filtering

Easy PC Texting Screenshots:

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