July 06, 2008

Exilty  - MultiLanguage ICQ Client
Exilty is a asy-to-use multiuser ICQ client.

Exilty has many useful features and can be used as a right replacement of a standard client. It has multi-language support and doesn't use any common icq-protocol components.

Exilty Features :

· Skins(28 included)
· Minimizing to tray
· Loading contact list from the server and storing it there
· Groups in contact list
· A multi chat
window (not 1 window for each chat)
· Visible, Invisible, Ignore lists
· Saving user chats as a history. Then viewing and searching it.
· Detailed popup hints of each user in contact list
· Desktop popup windows on some events (selected user came online/offline/ changed status
· Not in list list (stored locally)
· Auto answer machine (answers with defined message to selected user if he send you a message)
· An Artificial Intelligence answer machine base on A.L.I.C.E project and using standard .aml (Artificial Intelligence Language) files
· Extended statuses (at home, eating, Angry...)
· Privat statuses (visible for visList, visible only for those who are in CL, invisible for all)
· Sending a message to several users in your contact list
· Viewing and modifying your own info (UIN details)
· Autorinzation request recieving (ok); Autorization request sending (sometimes dont work properly)
· Simple text format language files
· Animated smiles

Download Exilty from Softpedia

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