July 15, 2008

"This is one of the must useful features when using skype for business. Especially with an organization the size of b5media. I use shared groups to deploy blogger skype contacts to all of the b5media bloggers, the b5media Toronto Office and b5media Tech Team amoungst others. The blogger group is great becase when a new blogger comes on they instantly have access to dozens of other b5bloggers through skype.

I have personal Skype groups for b5 Third Party Contacts, for Rhett and Link, and others. The third party group is great because it contains both normal phone numbers and skype contacts. Since I have skype out, my laptop is my work phone.

This screencast demonstrates some of the features and asks some questions I don’t have the answers to:"
Continue reading : Skype Tips: Skype Groups and Shared Groups (video)

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