September 09, 2008

BigStringIM is a new web based Instant Messenger which allows you to log in to your MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Google Talk accounts via your browser.

BigStringIM is cross-platform which means it enables you to use all your IM accounts from one buddy list.

The free web application incorporates BigString’s IM platform that allows a user to send IMs which self-destruct without being copied, logged or screen-printed by the recipient.

In addition to enabling users to send IMs from one service to another, the patent-pending IM technology leaves no trail or copy of the IM on any server once the message self-destructs. The time for self-destruction is set by the sender, and can be set to disappear in as little as a few seconds to more than an hour.

The sender can also choose a number of visual effects for the self-destruction. A message will disappear in real time simultaneously from both the sending and receiving IM screens whether the message was sent to an account at AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, WLM, Google Talk or BigString.

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