September 28, 2008

NickChange is a Messenger Plus! Live script that allows you to change your name automatically every seconds.

You need to have Messenger Plus! Live plugin insalled on your computer in order to use this script.

NickChange Feautes :

- Use a text file with a list of names to choose from
- Add, Edit & Delete list in the nice editor
- Choose between changing your Display Name or your Personal Message
- Setting up a prefix that appears before every name (instead of copying it before every name)
- Change them sorted or totally random
- Restore your old nickname when NickChange is turned off
- Choose an interval between 10 seconds and a day
- If you shutdown your computer while NickChange is on, it will continue changing your names the next time you sign in at WLM
- It keeps your personalized status when you name is changed
- Use categories to have different names lists
- Choose more then one category to mix them!
- Look at the character counter to see if your names exceeded the maximum length

NickChange Screenshot:



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