September 02, 2008

Pidgin is one of he popular multi-protocol chat client. Splert turns Pidgin into a customized answering machine when you are away from your computer.

Splert allows you to divide up your contact list into groups based on email IDs and execute actions based on when someone from a particular group messages you while you are away. e.g. For general friends, you can keep a message like "Will talk to you later when I come back", or if someone from office IMs you, it’ll send them your phone number "Call me at XXXXXX if urgent". And if you boss is the one pinging you, you could direct the message towards your twitter account so that you get it as an SMS on your phone immediately.

Splert Features:

* Group based rule execution, each group can contain any number of email IDs
* Custom replies for each group.
* Integrates with twitter and will forward the message to your twitter account (or send a direct message to some other account) if you so desire. (Temporarily disabled since Twitter has blocked their IM bot)
* Runs as a separate process over d-bus instead of running as a pidgin plugin, so much lesser chances of crashing.

Read more about Splert on developers blog

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