September 17, 2008

Toksta - Browser Based IM for your Social Network or Forum
Toksta is a free web-based instant messenger, which is easy to implement and customize into your social networking site or forum. Toksta enables your visitors to chat via text or webcam in real time - without having to switch to programs like Skype, MSN or ICQ. You'll be able to interact with your friends through your browser.

All you have to do is set up your instant messenger and embed the automatically generated code into your social networking site. You can customize the color and the font, to make it match your site's look and feel.

Toksta Chat Features :

# Instant chat notification in the community (no page reload needed, messenger can be closed)
# Unlimited parallel chats
# All chats open in the same window (tabbed browsing)
# See when the chat partner is writing you
# Upload buddy list from the social network
# Blacklist / Ignore users
# Report users
# Privacy settings (don't disturb mode)
# Automatic webcam detection
# Flood control (Anti spam)
# User Settings: Window moves automatically to the foreground with new message
# Automated scroll
# User help / frequently asked questions+

Toksta is financed by advertising. You are also able to share your earnings through Toksta revenue share program.

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